How to live a more satisfied 2018

How to live a more satisfied life We are right on the precipice of a New Year and as 2018 comes to fruition, there is something very powerful about setting intentions and goals. We all understand the hope of a New Year, that is why we count down the evening, we accept invitations to friends Read more about How to live a more satisfied 2018[…]

ten ways that I am stopping multitasking this year and getting more done.

Multitasking does not work. I think year after year I have tried to convince myself, if I just keep running, doing and juggling that I will be able to tick off my never ending task list. Maybe turning 40 was the catalyst and some really honest conversations with friends and mentors, but I have come Read more about ten ways that I am stopping multitasking this year and getting more done.[…]

you have enough

This morning we woke slowly, ground coffee and walked thoughtfully through our morning routine. We fell onto the beach by nine and watch clouds roll past, chatting about nothing and everything in one breath. My two babes played on the sand and I floated softly in the ocean. Watching the sky change every minute with Read more about you have enough[…]

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Finding strength for your today.

In my kitchen, we built a planter box, to try and convince my eyes away from the ugly fence that stares at me, multiple times a day washing dishes in my little beach shack. In the last two days, flowers have unveiled gloriously in that little piece of windowsill green. My inspiration garden brings the Read more about Finding strength for your today.[…]

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Life is short, love what you do…

One of my closest friends, lost her husband suddenly. It was the most terrible of times. The last letter he ever wrote to her finished with this profound prophetic statement; Life is short, love what you do To watch my friend walk bravely out her days without her amazing partner has been the most deeply Read more about Life is short, love what you do…[…]

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Praying those doors open.

Prayer is not really a popular topic these days, mostly because of the shame attached to people’s expectations of us. Something I find quite peculiar though is this, the one in Whom we are praying too, doesn’t ask for much more than a simple chat. A lean of our heads. A quietening of our minds. Read more about Praying those doors open.[…]

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Having courage to change the things we can…

Humans are beautiful, humans are complex, humans are brilliant. Every person we meet, every story we encounter is bathed in the harsh reality of humanity. We are a swarming mix of emotions, agendas, passions, beauty, innocence, detail, forgetfulness and desire. When Reinhold wrote the Serenity Prayer I am sure he was deep in the mess of Read more about Having courage to change the things we can…[…]