ten ways to have more friends

Friendship is a word that is laden with so much angst. It is one part of our life that be completely BRUTIFUL. Many parts beautiful and so much brutal. Conflict, unmet expectations, loneliness, and cliques. Lately, I have been reflecting on what friendship means as I step into my forties and changes are afoot. TEN[…]


Ten ways to find more space to breathe this year

If I could sit with every woman in Australia tonight I would tell them to breathe. In and out, slowly recalibrating the depth of responsibility that we all carry. Breathe. Stop. Recalibrate. Reframe. I have been on a journey lately of chasing slow. Unpacking, reframing and doing my very best to stop comparing myself to[…]

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Ten ways to help feel less anxious this year

This morning I lined up at the uniform shop, with my list rattling around my head. I had been thinking about this day for quite a while, hoping and praying that I didn’t forget. Over and over in my mind, I have been subconsciously checking off everything on the list of what Max needs for school.[…]


ten ways I am bringing inspiration back into my life

I was riding on the back of a motorbike in rural Indonesia, just a few short months ago and I realised something was very wrong. The wind was rushing through my hair, I was resting my head on my husband’s shoulder and everything within me should have been buzzing. This situation in the past would[…]