Disconnecting to Reconnect

“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” JR There is a busy epidemic in our society. Social Media, the hustle movement and comparison trick us into believing that busyness equals success. Have you wondered what it was like to embrace slow? Has Read more about Disconnecting to Reconnect[…]

Learning to love me better

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” Zoe Kravitz Motherhood has the capacity to silence you like nothing else. As February unfolds I have realised that there is a whole heap of pent-up emotion from dealing with negotiating toddlers and children for weeks upon end. We Read more about Learning to love me better[…]

How to live a more satisfied 2018

How to live a more satisfied life We are right on the precipice of a New Year and as 2018 comes to fruition, there is something very powerful about setting intentions and goals. We all understand the hope of a New Year, that is why we count down the evening, we accept invitations to friends Read more about How to live a more satisfied 2018[…]

Christmas Devotional: O Come All Ye Faithful

The school holiday wheels are already falling off and it is only day one. We have baked a cake, watched a movie, done colouring in and my current soundtrack to this blog is a pair of tap shoes that I am hoping miraculously get lost stat! Mariah Carey’s rendition of “All I want for Christmas” Read more about Christmas Devotional: O Come All Ye Faithful[…]

Christmas Devotional: O Holy Night

It was late Christmas Eve, I had been working at a production all week and I was exhausted. I’d come home to sleep over my Mums house ready to wake alone again at Christmas. I watched the annual Christmas Carols by Candlelight on the television by myself. Tears dripped down my face and rolled onto Read more about Christmas Devotional: O Holy Night[…]

Christmas Devotional: Noel

Today begins the long treacherous road of the school holidays for my gang and me. I’m lathering myself in essential oils, breathing deep and hoping for patience for Christmas. I had no idea that motherhood would turn me into Ebenezer Scrooge! I sat at my son’s end of year concert today hoping that the carols Read more about Christmas Devotional: Noel[…]

Christmas Devotional: Joy To The World

My day today began with kisses and cuddles. He ran into my bedroom before the sun was rising as his Dad was closing the front door. Sneaking around the side of my bed he whispered, “Only two more days of school left Mum” and with that, my sleep was broken. I have never experienced Christmas Read more about Christmas Devotional: Joy To The World[…]

Christmas Devotional: Peace Upon The Earth

The word peace in its rawest form means a world free of disturbance and tranquillity. The application of this word upon our earth means an age free of war. The human race has a thread throughout the beginning of time where we long for peace. The quiet moment where we see communities working together for Read more about Christmas Devotional: Peace Upon The Earth[…]