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The first edition of ‘Capture 30 days of inspiration’ is now is available for you in this e-version.

When you purchase this e-book, you will get an email after the money has been cleared, with a PDF version which you will be able to download and read on your e-reading devices. Open the PDF in Ibooks for example on an Ipad and you will be able to read this version effectively.

My name is officially changed in this 2013 publication of ‘Capture 30 days of inspiration, Amanda Viviers’ as I was married in April, 2011.

Make sure you grab a journal and write along with the book.



the prelude

Creativity – I don’t even like the word!

As soon as it is uttered, most shut down assuming the elusive club it creates is not for them.

This book attempts to demystify the creativity clause and take you on a pilgrimage of inspiration, unusual encounters, the daily grind, studies of my heroes and random acts of creative kindness.

I hope this book will be a catalyst for change in any world. It was designed for those who want more out of life, relationships and their dreams. It was created to provide a practical journey for those who long to make more of a creative contribution to this world. Basically a 30-day inspiration injection!

Why 30 days? Why not! (Shoulders lift nonchalantly)

Capturing moments takes time!

Time to see your dreams become reality, time to be more creative with your love life, time to capture the ideas that you were created to share with the world.

‘Nobody sees a flower – really – it takes time – we haven’t the time – and so to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.’
Georgia O’Keefe

I read an article in the newspaper yesterday that listed the most common resolutions over the last decade:
Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Stop Smoking, Spend more time with my family and Read more

I’ve spent too much time dwelling on the above… How boring!

My resolution is to go on a 30 day journey of inspiration, with the intention to spice up this creative pilgrim’s life, share the everyday inspiration moments with whoever will listen and ultimately choose an inspired life over mediocrity!

But you’re not artistic, I hear you say? You haven’t got a creative bone in your body? Couldn’t draw or paint to save yourself…

In kindness and love please don’t be offended but GET OVER YOURSELF!

I believe every person has the capacity to capture creativity and inspiration. It is our perspective that needs to change about creativity and what it actually is. Don’t worry if you can’t knit one purl one. You hear the word artistic and are totally put off. Exploring and expressing creative inspiration is all about perspective. The key is realising you do not need to be creative; you just need to open your eyes and capture the creativity that is awaiting discovery. I believe creativity is more about being a channel of the ultimate creator rather than being a magician that wishes it into being.

Random Digression; a handwritten quote on the café wall next to me…

‘Today’s colour is sunshine – spread it around!’

Nice, yellow, fresh, full of inspiration, this quote breathes new and interesting to me. Creativity is everywhere, inspiration is just playing hide and seek, anticipating discovery.

I want to take you on a pilgrimage with a photographic journal (30 days in Perth Western Australia, captured by Bonnie my beautiful companion in creative crime), also share with you my journal of creative inspiration from 30 days of my life and hopefully inspire you with the idea factories (short projects). All of which were designed to flavour your world with the inspiration that you were designed to revel in.

I dare you to live the life that you have only had the courage to dream of!

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you’ve imagined.’
(Henry David Thoreau)


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