Winter Creative Festival: Creatives Hot Desks


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Creatives Hot Desks

July 19th 9.30- 1pm

Kent Street Creative Working Space

We are opening the Creative Working Space at Kent Street Deli, on Wednesday, July the 19th, for local creatives to come and use the space as their hot desk for the day.

Do you work alone a lot?

Sometimes we love it, but other times we are looking for opportunities to work together with other creatives and learn. During the Creative Winter Festival at Kent Street Deli this July, we are opening up the creative working space for free. The only requirement we have is that you buy your food, coffee, tea, drinks from the Deli. No BYO.

Come and join other creatives and work together. You never know the collaborations and opportunities that will come about. July 19th from 9.30-1pm.

To book your place, add this to the cart and checkout and Amanda will email you your confirmation of your spot.

Creatives of the Bay unite!

Village Women:

Across the Festival we are collecting donations for a local women’s refuge and the program they run called Village Women. Every Wednesday Village Women, teaches Single Mums, Vulnerable women and homeless pregnant girls different skills and workshops. We would like to collect leftover nappies, good quality clothes and cans of food for the Soup Patrol program that works alongside village women. The collection point is in the Creative Working Space for the month of July.

Brooke and Amanda


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