When we stop comparing, competing and manipulating with one another the future is female

Photo: Other Wild I have just come from a quick catch up with an 80-year-old, a 50 something-year-old and my 40-year-old self. As I sat quietly watching the interactions unfold, I realised quickly that the opportunities available to my generation have been graciously given from those who have gone before. There is a rising across Read more about When we stop comparing, competing and manipulating with one another the future is female[…]


gather with those who care…

The world can be a cold and unforgiving place. Agenda’s thrive, people disappoint, we feel misunderstood, speak a different language and seek to be heard. If I just post one more post, share one more thought, filter one more image, then maybe someone, anyone might notice. Last night I gathered with a group of women. Read more about gather with those who care…[…]

Shoalwater Island

she guards her heart above all else

We went for a big walk today, to shake off the mornings cobwebs. Even though we walked far and wide, we knew our way home, as it was a path we have walked many times before. The path a well worn part of our weekly routine as a family. Along the way is our favourite Read more about she guards her heart above all else[…]

shes not your competition

she’s not your competition

In the world of creativity and even more so in motherhood I am overwhelmed at the amount of people that strive endlessly to compete with one another. Who ever told you that they were your competition? We were never designed to compete with each other, we were designed to find our own patch and make it Read more about she’s not your competition[…]