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oui oui, merci madam..

Place: Hotel Hardin L’Odeon

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Cannot choose so many things. Okay Everything french!

I am living one of my dream days…Pink berret on my head, blue and white striped top, sitting in a quaint hotel foyer, my feet aching from a day walking at the Louvre (aka Da Vinci Code) and I have seen a live Van Gough painting for the first time in my life.

The Hotel Jardin L’Odeaon is the most atmospheric hotel i have ever stayed in. All the walls are covered in wallpaper, the lamps with a splash of feather boa to compliement the warm, inviting couches. I am so excited I cant even write properly. I have been in fromagerie’s, chocalaitiers, I have walked throught the Museem’s of Art, been ripped off by street merchants, but don’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

The streets are scattered with windswept painters, the tight avenues are buzzing with procrastination and the french with their heads held high. Not very many Au revoirs, here in comparison to Thailand, the french are cultured, high browed and smiling is only for the likes of children and the insane.

My smile did not stop as I fulfilled a life dream, standing, breathless and wide eyed before a real Van Gogh. That one needs to be now striked off the 75 list of what I want to do before I go to heaven.

No french kissing yet to report, but when I can have goats cheese, steak, mushrooms in a buckwheat pancake in a tiny crepery on the side of a short, indescribable street still covered in christmas decorations I am full of romance and esctacy!

Merci, Merci to a God who is one of detail, culture and love of people.

Merci, Merci to french chocolate, wine and cheese

Merci, Merci to croissants, sour dough and all things CARB!

Merci, Merci to the Mona Lisa, whose eyes follow you round the room…

On my way to Hillsong Paris, tonight and I am so excted.

Bon Jour!

Amanda (or as a Art Gallery owner said to me- Your eyes are beautiful, and your name means Amore! worthy of love)




2 thoughts on “oui oui, merci madam..

  1. its getting almost scarey to read your blog these days coz your life is so full and the challenge to come close to even a part of what your experiencing seems so remote…You inspire me, motivate me, make me cry, laugh,go green, but mostly just make me want to have coffee and hear you pour out your words right there in front of me instead of this distance between us….be blessed my friendxxxxx

  2. Amanda – what a fabulous time you must be having – I love Paris!!! Thank you for reminding me that life really is worth living each and every day.


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