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ancient meets modern

Place: Nottinghill Apartment

Poison: Flat White

Favourite Things: Travelling through Europe

We made it to England, with not much peace, quiet or rest. I love it though…The thing that has made me take stock is the way the ancient meets modern throughout all of the european cities I have seen. From the antiques to the bright hair colours in portobello market, to the London Bridge, coupled with grafitti…I am spell bound.



Yesterday I spent time in the Cathedral of Notre Dame and stood dwarfed under the Eiffel Tower. It was such a humbling experience to see monuments to days gone by. Europe totally lives up to its reputation. As it sped past on the Eurostar, I wanted to jump of the train and take a whole year just to sit in a village square and contemplate the landscape.



Looking at the size and the details of these masterpieces, makes me so introspective of what I am creatively living my life for. These masters who spent centuries upon centuries, dedicating their lives to these ancient masterpieces must have had the endurance of saints.

Today I am off to Hillsong London and am so looking forward to just hanging out in the presence of God and his people.

Bring it on!




5 thoughts on “ancient meets modern

  1. Ha

    Bright red mohawk haircuts bobbing through the crowds at the portobello market… leather jackets and pin cushion piercings…

    brings me right back to my youth and pinching over ripe mellons from the market stalls and throwing them randomly into the crowd…

    that was back in the swinging 90’s I was only a litle street urchin… sweeping chimneys for a farthing… chim chimeny, chim chemeny, chim chim cheroo…

  2. Irish!! Hey Hey Thanks for the flat in Nottinghill its so cool. Judith is so lovely and its just a train stop away from everything. Watched the changing of the guards today at buckingham palace, and walked through trafalga square minus the pigeons, with a black south african preacher belting out the direction that we were all headed STRAIGHT TO HELL!!

    stories to come.

    I miss you guys so much

    Big thanks to the family.

    The apartment and Nottinghills the best!


  3. Hey Amp…
    Sounds like you are having a great time!!
    I’m sitting at the parachute offices with Ruthee & Erynne.. I only arrived 2hrs ago from Hawaii.. We so need to go to Hawaii together. It reminded me of Bali, but much nice cleaner etc etc..
    I went to New Hope (Wayne Cordeiro’s church on Sunday) it was great.. They had a guest speaker, traditional dancers and great atmosphere pre & post service.. I went & said hello to him after and just said how much I enjoyed the service..
    Feel like I haven’t seen you in sooo long.
    Miss you heaps.
    Love you loads
    your sis..

  4. Thanks for your blog. It is so good to share your adventure with you. Hey I didn’t realize you had ADHD!!!!

    Love you lots and miss you more


  5. mum you have always known that I have ADHA, A Damn Hectic Adreniline!!! MIss you. Have you been getting my texts as you havent replied. Disneyland was amazing, all I could think of was when you and dad went and brought me home LA gears, the curly shoe laces and a tinkerbell charm for my charm bracelet.
    miss ya mum

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