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child like wonder

Place: In Bed

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Krispy Kreme’s for Breakfast

Today is Tayla’s 5th birthday. Travelling with a 5 year old is delightful and also challenging, but this morning was one of those gorgeous moments that make life grand.

Penny and I went to Tesco last night to try and find some bits and bobs so that Tayla’s 5th birthday would be memorable. We found a tigger birthday cake, candles, pineapple (her all time favourite), a box of krispy kremes, balloons and some presents.

She woke up really early, were all still battling with some jet lag, in going to the toilet she found the kitchen set up for a birthday party breakfast and thats it, it was all on. Penny held her in her bedroom as a keeping pen for a wild, excited, out of control 5 year old who had realised that this day was all about her.


So out we came all pjama clad and sat on the floor singing happy birthday. With all the poppers going off I am sure the upstairs neighbours thought there were bombs going off downstairs. But with the melody of Happy Birthday and the screams of delight echoing under the door frames, I sat on the floor eating a Krispy Kreme for breakfast, praying that I could get some of her child like wonder, naivity and joy for the simple things in life.

Excitement over sugar, rather than hundreds of dollars worth of toys that eventually will be left at the bottom of a toy box heap, excitement at balloons and how they float, excitement at being the centre of attention from those nearest.

Happy Birthday Tayla, I pray the rest of your days are full with as much love of the simple things in life that make it beautiful.

oh too by 5 again…


PS- meet some great people at hillsong london last night, I went to their new peoples night and did the london hang out, chill thing…Man the guys have style here and actually make an effort, scarves, hot jackets and funky jeans. oh wow. Caught the underground by myself. Visited all the tourist sites and enjoyed the pomp and flair of londontown!


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  1. hey i just got your voice mail! spewin i missed your call! sounds like an unbelievable holiday. keep livin it up! if u get a chance in london get the train to golders green station and go to carmellis bakery and have a tuna bagel… to die for! sounds stupid but SERIOUSLY. its total jewish ville, very fun!
    love x

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