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You can ride out those storms…


Have you ever had a song that has haunted you?

You know a lyric you can’t let go of? A moment in a song that has you lost in its melody? Times or seasons when a ballad becomes your anthem?

Lately I have been spellbound by this song; Captain by Hillsong United.

The morning I took the photo above, I was day three in crazy food preservative detox land and I was ready to fight with anyone who stepped up to the plate.

I walked outside and the Bay was moody.

I walked and walked, with this song wooing and frustrating me both at the same time.








They all brewed together.

As I deeply breathed something changed. A peace came amongst the turmoil of my emotions and it surpassed understanding.

When we are overwhelmed, frustrated, angry it is best to find ways to reorientate ourselves.

Realignment with what is important and what is just a detail.

Speaking to the sails of our wandering hearts.

When a storm is in full force, the best thing you can do is remember who your captain is.

You can ride out those storms babe, you can.

Even when you are unsure of the outcome, suddenly the clouds part and a stream of sun pierces the dark.

Keep walking and find that compass that points you back north.



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