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finding your unique legacy

pay it forward
pay it forward

Last week went a little crazy. I must have been extremely bored, but sitting in the emergency department, wading through facebook looking for anything I could to distract me from the circumstance I found myself in.

I said a quick yes.

I said yes to something I wouldn’t normally even read properly.

I said a yes, without really thinking too much about the consequences.

I said yes to a little pay it forward book game. Where you buy one book and then you ask six friends to do the same. And then 36 of your friends friends, buy your little person a book, then the movement continues.

As I posted on my facebook asking friends to join in the little game, I didn’t expect the avalanche that followed. Also no one knew that I was answering all the facebook messages and comments from a hospital bed.

It all went a little mental. People not wanting to give someone their address, people questioning how it could work and how it was a pyramid scheme. People ranting. People raving and the experts in social sensitivities gave all their opinions.

I was laughing.

A simple yes, sending a book to a little person in New South Wales, that I will never meet, ended in this.

I was stunned.

I was overwhelmed that we have become so cautious, that even a little fun game, became so sinister, every person expecting another to do the worst.

What surprised me the most, was the assumption that the world is essentially bad. That our world will take our personal information and take from us. That every person has a bad intention for our family and friends.

I however believe the complete opposite. I believe that in the end, good wins. I believe that there is nothing, absolutely nothing anyone can do to my family and I, that will rob us of our belief in the good of humanity. I believe that people essentially are out to bring kindness and pay love forward, not the opposite.

Today, the postman came and three unexpected books fell out of his arms into my three year olds open embrace. He yelled thank you in excitement from postman pat and I unwrapped his books to devour. Three beautiful books bought for us from strangers we will never meet or know. Three little unique opportunities to spark inspiration in a young persons mind.

The lesson I learnt from this little social experiment will be long lasting. Whether I get thirty six books or three, I am so glad that I trusted someone I will never meet and they took the time and effort to send a book smile to my little man.

It’s exactly the same with the creative legacy we are creating with our new surf brand. We won’t know the kids that our surfboards, money, opportunities will get too. We will need to trust that the program directors and the people in charge of the accounts that we give money to, will use our money with wisdom.

Essentially though we believe in the greater good. So what if someone doesn’t play by the rules, we are stepping out in a culture of mistrust, compassion fatigue and cynicism to leave a legacy of hope. A legacy that teaches our children the power of paying it forward and indeed it is so much more blessed indeed to give than to get.

Every time they hear about the word legacy, they will know that it is creating a unique stamp on this world and trusting that a stranger will do their best, within their frame of reference to make great use of what we have given in faith.

What is your unique legacy?

Do you believe essentially that people are bad or good?

What can you creatively give to the world that makes it a better place?

I stumbled across a 100 day creative challenge today, that I am going to give it a go. To finish off the year and my pursuit through the hashtag #inspire15 to do something small everyday to stay inspired and creatively engage.

Join me and thousands of others,

Live beyond yourself and leave a unique legacy that lasts.


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