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cute as little tshirt design

Place: doctors surgery

Poison: frappe

Favorite Things: lip gloss my husband gave me for Christmas

Here I am waiting once again for an appointment and I am all stocked up on time wasters. The Internet, a great book and my trusty iPod.

I’ve been told the doctor is at least an hour and a half behind, so I am going to try and make the best out of the wait.

I found the cutest T-shirt design today that I am going to try out on some little onesies or small T-shirts. A boy version and a girl version, I’ll give away whichever one doesn’t get used.

Well, I’m going to start looking now for iron on transfer paper where I can find it from?

Happy creating


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Cool Blog I found

Place: At my mums

Poison: Homemade Bannana Muffins

Favourite Things: My husband setting up our cot!

Whilst surfing pinterest I found the following new tradition of asking children to each fill in a form like this and creating a family book but more importantly I found a kindred spirit.

Check out this blog




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362- swollen ankles

Place: My Desk

Poison: Lemon and lime soda

Favourite Things: Getting jobs done…

I haven’t really had many moments of nesting during this pregnancy, but today it has felt so rewarding to get jobs done. Post Christmas messyness, my bathroom is now finished therefore I have a washing machine now plugged in and good to go…so 4 loads of washing later, a good food shop full of fresh fruit, vegi’s and meat, paying bills, cleaning the house and a couple of vases of my aunts roses from her garden and I feel more sane.

What is it about clean washing, flowers and bills paid that makes us feel satisfied?

I think its the capacity to strike things off the memory banks task list, leaving our head space a little clearer to think about more lovely things.

My husband can’t understand how obsessive I am about having the house with a sense of order before I can relax. I was chatting with my friend Annie today about it, and we both agreed that creative people, have a high sense of skinlessness, which means that we sense and feel the overall order of a room, party, place. This skinlessness means that I love creative chaos, but I also need order and clarity to be able to re-create.

All of this activity has ended in very swollen ankles, so off to the beach I go to soak them back into some sense of normality.

If you relate to this skinlessness, make sure you declutter your creative spaces and homes. As much as you love a plethora of bits and bobs, they will also make you feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated if everything doesn’t have its proper place.

This is the best time of year to clean out and recycle. Declutter and create space for the new. Donate all your goods to the op shop and make your head clear enough for some fresh inspiration.

swollen ankles are so worth this sense of satisfaction, with my house just a little more ordered!

Love ya

Mrs V

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on the second day…

Place: In Bed

Poison: water

Favorite Things: Michael Buble’s Christmas Album

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…random acts of kindness and love and a place to express creativity.

It never ceases to amaze me how in the pursuit of something so noble as Christmas, it brings out the very worst in people. As I drive people honk in impatience, speed through pedestrian walkways and shove trolley’s into nameless crowds.

I’m not saying I’m immune to hurriedness but today I am trying to remind myself in the midst of my tasks, to focus on people more than my watch.

Random acts of kindness and love in this season will do so much more for someone than another pair of socks! Whether we find ourselves in a queue and someone pushes in or we are late and three people walk across the zebra crossing at a snails pace, lets take a breath and ask silently for perspective.

Perspective often doesn’t come easily, but when provoked is sobering. Yesterday home sick from work with a really sore back, six and a half months pregnant, all I wanted was a hot shower, a bed and a fan. Two out of the three were not possible because our bathroom is being renovated. This means no fan and more painfully no shower.

We have a guest arriving this Saturday from Malaysia and with Christmas in10 or so days, this coupled with pain did not fare well for my husband when he arrived home from work last night. Annoyance, frustration and stress are so often played out at this time of year on our closest.

As I reflected today on friends who will be spending this Christmas in the humidity and danger in the slums of Bangkok this Christmas, as I spoke to my mum who was preparing for her food run today to the homeless in our city, perspective brewed and inspiration reigned.

Random acts of kindness and love to those nearest or to those you will never meet again this Christmas provide perspective and bring us all back to the essence of this season, which truly is based in people. Without people, no baby in a manger would have been born, without that baby in that manger; no reason to celebrate.

Unleash kindness rather than stress.

Celebrate with love, gained by perspective this Christmas.



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The 12 days of Christmas…day one

Place: the dome cafe

Poison: Cappuccino

Favorite things: all my friends arriving from all over the world ready to spend Christmas together.

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…a place to express creativity!

It has been far too long between posts and once again I have no excuse’s. Encouraged by inspiration from the season, friends and frustration I have decided to get back on the blogging horse. I am determined to blog the 12 days of Christmas and unlock a little creativity.

I love all the effort that is expressed to prepare a place for inspiration, encouragement and love at Christmas time. The decorations on the table, the menu’s in deliberation, the conversations between family members (awkward or not) arranging whose house at what time. The general effort that goes into thinking about that special something for that special someone, that really does have everything already that they possible could ever need.

Encounter and experience take time to set a table and a place to flourish. However in this time poor economy, anything that is immediate, quick and effortless is encouraged to help us all just endure rather than thrive in its development.

The best dinners I find, are those that take thought, preparation, effort and inspiration. From magazine flicks to discover a new menu addition, the table cloth that is laid with the knowledge that it will need to be washed, ironed and soaked if the dinner table gets loud!

How much more satisfaction is experienced however, when we prioritize our time for those who are the closest?

I find the same when it comes to creative pursuits! When I take time to set a place, grab a fresh piece of paper, dust a coveted journal from its resting place, boil the kettle, bring out the good china tea cups, insert my earphones with a cacophony of musical memories…the experience of creativity is more rewarding than the end product.

I love it!

How come I have recently shy’d away though?

I’m not entirely sure, but this Christmas I want to encourage you away from the immediate, the temporary, the cheap imitations of community, encouragement and creativity. Empty your calendar of the urgent and fill its folds with the important.

On the first day of Christmas…my true love gave to me…a place to express my creativity.

Unleash kindness, the creative, the inspiring that has laid dormant this year. Its not too late to make some christmas cards, to cook some delights, to write inspiring quotes on your mirrors and windows, to drop a bottle of wine in your neighbors porch with a card saying that your glad they live next door!

Take time to celebrate creatively this year, rather than pounding the shops and filling your trolley with technology, jocks and cheap trinkets.

Express yourself creatively this year and inspire those closest.

Silence your inner critic and just have a go!