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Freedom riders

Place: home

Poison: flat white

Favourite Things: my newly crocheted Santa stocking!

I have been watching a documentary on the freedom riders from the 1960’s and I am acutely aware of how fragile our world is.

As much as life as we know it for african americans, the appalling biogotry has changed so significantly only in my mums lifetime. I am watching the news here in Australia, 2011 over 50 years later and am so appalled at the treatment of refugee’s in our country.

In our pursuit of technology, morality and truth still at the very heart of our human condition, we repel from those who are different to us.

My family of five, all own our own houses/apartments and live in them by ourselves. Bedrooms upon bedrooms of empty space and wasted electricty. Our society celebrates this as success! However in detention centres around the Australia, people who sold their lives to escape harm and poverty to find safety in our land of freedom are bundled away in prison cells.

Have we really learnt anything? or does our society always have to go back to a place of the lowest common denominator; Threatened by diversity.

I wish we had a group of freedom riders non-violently making a eternal change in the lives of those who will never be able to thank them.

Diversity is not a threat Australia, its what makes us stronger!


Mrs V.

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psalm 3

Place: On my Lounge

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: The garbage man who just fixed my wheelie bin!

I am taking time to read. Which in the last couple of years has become a rarity. Before the season of chaos, that has been my everyday for the last two years, reading was one of my favourite pastimes.

The next few weeks mark the change of season, as I scoot into the last few days of work and transition into long service leave and pre marriage bliss!

Back to my topic. Psalm three has one paragraph that truly took my breath away today.

‘I stretch myself out. I sleep. Then I am up again- rested, tall and steady, fearless.’

How often are we afraid of rest?

How often are we afraid of doing nothing?

In a time poor society, where success is equated by our calendars and the amount of friends following us on twitter, where is the medal for rest and recuperation.

How many of us have annual leave piling up and awaiting use?

Rest is imperative, to a creative, productive cycle. Recreation is just as important as creation.

God clearly marked out a cycle of creativity, yet I think we are the ones that have tried to tinker with it.

On the seventh day God rested and said ‘It is good’

Im ready for a new journey of writing. Im working on a new manuscript draft title Capture 365 days of inspiration ‘The art of doing nothing’…

Rest up, dear creative friend.

A new season is upon us.

Love always


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Place: church

Poison: long Mac

Favourite things: photos from overseas…

Well a new season is upon us… Our church announced it’s new senior minister today, amidst a year of so much stretching and uncertainty.

Our former leader had been in the drivers seat, until a tragic operation and a time and season of change for us all.

As I sit here and reflect on the last 18 months, where everything I know has been challenged and questioned. I. The midst of it all I have found God to be so faithful.

The season we have experienced I have named ‘ crazy beautiful’, the best of times, the worst of times.

I have been reflecting, that we often think we can change a season. But just like the weather, just like the seasons of the year…it comes to pass. We can’t change it, we can only dress appropriately, accept the season and adapt.

Seasons come, seasons go…

Whatever season you find your self in today, dress your heart appropriately and prepare for the season to follow…

It came to pass, a new season has begun…


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Registering gifts

Place: Church

Poison: long Mac

Favourite things: the promise of Christmas in the air…

Well I’m right in the midst of setting up a gift registry at Myer. Truthfully of all the things I have done so far in wedding land, this has been the most stressful.

Walking around with a gun, selecting gifts really is a little strange to me…the whole concept is a little weird.

Still not convinced about the whole thing…but I’m giving it a go…

Save me from wedding madness.

Much love