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you have enough

Monday night dinners
Monday night dinners

This morning we woke slowly, ground coffee and walked thoughtfully through our morning routine. We fell onto the beach by nine and watch clouds roll past, chatting about nothing and everything in one breath. My two babes played on the sand and I floated softly in the ocean. Watching the sky change every minute with thoughts of fires, friends and what is truly important this year. If you had have asked me four weeks ago, I would have said, number one priority for twenty sixteen, to find our little team a bigger abode. Today that is the furtherest thing on my mind.

My mind quite emphatically has been reassuring my wandering heart, that we have enough. We have enough.

Enough room,

Enough toys,

Enough time,

Enough technology,

Enough towels, sheets, clothes, shoes, jewels, food, delicates.

We have enough.

How often are our days motivated by the culture of scarcity, rather than a culture of gratitude?

Do you rush hoping to fit more in, so that you can purchase the latest trinket?

Do you worry your kids will be rejected because they don’t have the outfit recommended by the most amount of likes on instagram?

Do you fret when walking into a social situation that you will be outed by your nineteen nineties hand bag?

We, those holding our iphones, ipads, macbooks, windows glittered technology we have enough.


There is a big enough line, drawn across our hearts and unless we are determined in defining it we can live our days accumulating things rather than people.

We can spend our days ignoring people in our present, whilst stalking people from our past. We scroll through hidden advertisements masked as people’s social media curated life, thinking that unless we have more, unless our house presents a pretty picture, unless we are decorated in finery that we are not enough.

My friend you are indeed enough, if you swam naked today in a beach filled with onlookers you are not only enough, but I am sure that you also have enough.

I remember so fondly the year that I did not buy any new clothes. It was the most fantastic season of growth in my whole life. I redefined who I was outside of layers that covered my soul and I lived free of approval addiction.

So as we step into twenty sixteen and a pile of carefully culled decorations from our jam packed little shack sits in the corner and everything within me wants to hoard up that jar in case one day I may need it and I stare at my cupboard assuring myself that I indeed have many things that I could wear, I am declaring across my life and yours that we have enough. We have enough and everything we need to grow, mature, stretch and become is within our reach.

The scarcity that echoes in our hearts saying we need more to be happy, we must have more to be fulfilled is a big fat lie.

What if this year we prioritised people and experiences over possessions?

What if this year we used generosity as a growth strategy rather than an obligation?

What if we became a river that gave away our possessions, without the feeling that they may never come back, but a river that shared our life sacrificially with others not counting the cost, but revelling in the rebellion?

What if our instagram following was not the measure of our success, but the amount we secretly gave to empower another?

My friend we have enough.

Enough clothes,

Enough space,

Enough possessions,

Enough technology.

Snuggle those who are closest to you and don’t fall into the trap that another toy or gift will win over their love. Time, kindness, grace, forgiveness these are the kind of currency that the world is indeed in poverty from.

Faith, hope, believing the best, loving the unlovable, putting our devices away and loving the ones that we are with.

This year I am hoping to….

Make generosity my growth strategy

What about you?

Do you believe you have enough?

Because honestly someone, somewhere is praying for that which we don’t even notice is a answered prayer of ours from long ago.

What is your enough line?


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2016 New Year Questions

new year front cover

One of my favourite traditions at this time of the year to set aside a day to reflect, recalibrate and set intentions for the coming year. Last year I enjoyed it so much that I started doing this with people one on one as solo private retreats.

This is a ritual I have done for over a decade. When I go back over the questions that I have asked myself and my responses, I see patterns and insight. I see opportunities and passions that come alive. I take time to ask myself the why before the how. I take time to be intentional about what I am giving my life too.

My dream to become a writer and publish books started with these questions.

The businesses we now own began whilst I took time to reflect and challenge my status quo.

Travel plans unravelled as I sought greater days that were to come and to stretch for.

Humility was provoked as I reminded myself of the places that held weakness.

Strength came to my character as I have reminded myself of what is important over what seems to be urgent.

Inspiration has arisen out of seasons where I was not sure any good could have come from them.

It doesn’t take much to prioritise what is important in this season of new.

inkywords quotes and ad-4

Book in a date and time.

Print off the questions.

Find quiet and a place that inspires and write.

This year one of my favourite partners in creative crime Kym Basoka has painted original artwork to compliment my questions, to make this downloadable playbook even more inspiring. If you are looking for a personal original one off present this Christmas jump over and order yours today.

download your questions here…

Click this link for the playbook full of questions for free and if you live in Perth and would like to spend the day doing these questions with me click here to book a solo private retreat in for the beginning of 2016. If you would like a mindfulness colouring in page to start your day with click here to download this one for free.

Can you do me a favour?

If you have downloaded this for free, can you post about it somewhere on social media with the hashtag #inspire16 and invite your friends to join the reflection party?

Happy Nearly New Year,

I really do believe the best is yet to come.







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A cure for narcissism

Maximus hanging at the pond barista

The current generation is now been named the selfie generation. I sit right between generation x and y. There is now a whole cultural group of people who spend so much time looking at them selves, thinking about themselves and talking about themselves, that they don’t realise the extremism of their age.

Narcissism is the next step beyond selfishness. A narcissist has no capacity to have empathy for another’s story. Every situation they find themselves in, they have the remarkable capacity to blame the other person in the scenario. The inability to say sorry, or see something through a lens that is not tainted by their own expectations.

Narcissism is one of the greatest risks of our age. We are teaching a whole generation of children to go out and get whatever they want. We are teaching complete focus on oneself, on ones own needs and on ones wants. The internet and the over saturation of information has created this giant vacuum of self promotion and the depth of character and empathy is lost in its void.

A narcissist will do anything they can to get their own way, not worrying in the slightest about where that leaves the people in their wake. The problem with our current generation, unless we teach them, they will grow up believing everyone owes them something. That they deserve to get what they want and they need it now.

The greatest lesson we can teach our children is that character is developed in living our lives to help another. Every time we teach our children to look outside their own perspective, every time we tell them that they will have to wait for that toy, every time we tell them no, we teach them to live beyond themselves. When we show them intently that they indeed have the most beautiful life, yes that comes with its own challenges and heart breaks. We also need to show them the difference between our privilege and the lives that other children live. Not in an intense, you should be grateful tone, but an inspired, you can make a difference one. Teaching our children the beauty of empathy and compassion. Teaching our children to live lives of mercy and grace.

Our pursuit of legacy with our new business Maximus & Liberty is to break the cultural norm that we can get everything we want now! We want to teach our children about children in other nations, children in our nation of Australia that have nothing. Talking about stories where children who wake up in a tent on the streets in our city. Kids that grapple with the thought of finding somewhere warm to sleep, where they are safe, finding something nourishing to eat, doing something that is fun like surfing, a hobby, somewhere where they are equal to all in the ocean.

We want our kids to know that their namesake is to live a life of strength (Maximus) and freedom (Liberty) is not a privilege that all children are born into. We want to build a legacy that is beyond our own wants and needs, that helps and creates opportunities for people who don’t have much.

Are you afraid that you are a narcissist?

Then start to give away your stuff. Your time. Your privilege. Your intellectual property and don’t expect someone to credit it. Start to give away those things that are closest to you. Think of a legacy that is beyond you and those closest.

Measure how many times this week you think about yourself and your own needs in comparison to another’s?

I’m not writing this, saying we as a family have it all together. We are far from this. I personally worry about what people think of me. I often spend most of my day thinking about myself but we are aiming to create something that challenges our whole family to leave a legacy that lasts.

We are also calling you all to think about what legacy you are leaving. We are hoping that our not for profit business doesn’t just sell surfboards, stand up paddle boards and more, we are hoping it changes culture. We are hoping for revolution.

How are you impacting the current selfie generation?

How are you teaching those around you to think beyond themselves?

These are the questions we are asking ourselves.

Join the Legacy,


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Finding strength for your today.

kitchen, flowers, everyday
kitchen, flowers, everyday
My window flowers.

In my kitchen, we built a planter box, to try and convince my eyes away from the ugly fence that stares at me, multiple times a day washing dishes in my little beach shack.

In the last two days, flowers have unveiled gloriously in that little piece of windowsill green. My inspiration garden brings the outdoors, indoors as the water and bubbles fill my sink over and over.

I remember the days, when cooking and washing up was the most delightful of tasks, because it meant I was home. A rarity in the life of corporate hustler. I would open a cookbook, breathe deep and cook all day, so excited to be in my casual clothes and leaning into my home day.

Today, I struggle to find the inspiration for dinner, I roll my eyes at another sink full of dishes and I dream of days escaping my home, when I can leave the house without any cares or responsibility.

These thoughts shame me though, because I see photos of young children washed up on shores, I hear stories of people desperately wanting that pink line to appear, I know that the lot I have been served in life is indeed on the blessed side of my ugly fence.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;

Enjoy one moment at a time…

How do I enjoy my moments, when they are filled with so many dreams and desires and the weight of my own expectations overwhelm?






Plans falling over,

Opportunities not taken,


Every time I think about more than my moments in my day, my serenity fades and I start to feel stuck in my apartment for the rest of my days.

Every time I think about the little moments, the laugh in his smile, the glint when she see’s, the new awakening of a season, an unexpected sleep in; it is in these precious moments that I regain my strength.

You see the way I used to live, I was always planning, I was always hustling, I was always being drawn into greater days, with even greater expectations. I am learning in my today, to find the white flowers that are opening, noticing what is right within my reach, rather than weighted expectations for tomorrow?

Do I believe we should stop dreaming?

No, but as a great friend said to me the other day “Amanda, what is so wrong with God surprising us in our future, rather than spending our days desperately trying to control the outcomes and the details”

Finding strength for my today, is revelling in the messy moments, picking up my knitting and letting things go that just don’t belong anymore. It is having conversations that matter, but keeping my relational accounts short.

It is kissing my husband passionately when he steps in the door, rather than telling him the list of unmet expectations and the struggles that overwhelm my soul.

It is playing a little as I wash those dishes, being grateful for the moments that are present and the duty that is my privilege.

The true story is that I have prayed desperately for the moments I have been graced with, yet when they arrive I can be so desperate to reach into the new, that I lose sight of the beauty in the realisation of my dreams.

Our strength for today is found in the messy moments, when we release and let go. When we smile and forgive, when we attend to the little details that often are forgotten. When we look heavenward with gratitude, when we take a deep breath and feel the sheer brilliance of the sun on our backs. When we walk a little slower, pick up one more toy smiling at their innovation and we live our lives breathing in moments that we might have just missed.

So for today, even though I’d love to fly away and search out hidden wonders on distant shores, as I dream of building orphanages and publishing books, I will surrender my will to this beautiful season and keep smiling as I watch the white flowers on my kitchen window sill bloom.

I will embrace my little inspiration moments in my today, knowing that suddenly it will be tomorrow and my season will have once again moved onward again.

What moments are you missing in your today, because you are desperate for your tomorrow?


One moment at a time.



But overwhelmingly



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Life is short, love what you do…

Print, love, wins
Print, love, wins
Whiteman Park Print Shop.

One of my closest friends, lost her husband suddenly. It was the most terrible of times. The last letter he ever wrote to her finished with this profound prophetic statement;

Life is short, love what you do

To watch my friend walk bravely out her days without her amazing partner has been the most deeply moving journey. She has grieved, she has stamped her feet, she has waited, she has questioned, but at the same time she has moved into days where she is living out the legacy of his vision for her days.

She shifted from New Zealand to Cambodia alone in her fifties, starting again, to live a life sown. It has been a hard journey, as she was robbed near her new home, watched the people she has been serving loose their life. Sickness, tragedy and heart ache has filled her days. She has not allowed the depths of these stories to shrink her though, she has stepped forward, felt the fear and brought her broken hallelujah.

She is living bravely in her moment, using the depth of her grief to minister and help a generation of young people in another country to live the life of their dreams.

I know her man would be immensely proud of her.

I know he would be watching with a gentle, quiet smile, a raise of his quirky eyebrows that quietly said “Look at my girl go…”

A life of serenity is not necessarily a quiet, retiring one.

Serenity is a place of peace, found in the midst of living a life of purpose.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;

One day at a time, having the courage to live the life you have always dreamed of. When we stay stuck in holding patterns of the past, we are unable to live one day at a time, understanding that life is short.

It is short.

We just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

What if we spent our today stuck in the pain of yesterday and missed out on the absolute sheer brilliance of living a life sown in our today?

What would you do, if you embraced the messy moments of fear, grief, disappointment and shifted forward into your unknown anyway?

My lovely friend Annie inspires me so much.

She hasn’t just moved on, she has dug deep into the very recesses of her soul and determined that she will live a life of purpose today.

Yes, living in her brave, courageous, today.

She is not sure about what the next five years will bring, but she knows in her today, that she needs to bring hope and courage to teenagers in Cambodia. A courage that despite the very hard parts of our story, that Love wins.

Loving People.

Loving Stories.

Loving Humanity.

Loving the hard parts.

Loving the mess of people and transition and change and living beyond ourselves.

What can you bravely do today, to live in this moment?

Take that step,

Make that phone call,

Book that appointment,

Write that piece,

Live surrendered in your today.





After 6 months of being in Cambodia, Annie knows she can’t go home to New Zealand, her work is not done yet, so if you want to help her stay, you can transfer funds to:

With the name Annie Cambodia.

New Zealand Accounts:


ANZ: 06 0383

0164749 04

Australian Accounts:

ANZ: 016141