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finding my anchor…

My 10 week challenge is bombarded and challenged with one thing;


If I want change in my life, I have to change what I am doing?


I know it sounds so simple, but the reality of changing my daily habits is really difficult.

Today marks one week of the 10 week challenge and I can see the little cracks starting to form.

(the 10 week challenge:

A slip of a boundary here, an extra coffee there, another excuse that stops me from getting off the couch.

The reason why our health and daily health habits are difficult to maintain is they often link to deeper emotional habits that have solidified their weaknesses in our worlds.

My weight and my health routines have always played into my emotional states and my feelings of insecurity.

On the video below I am exploring the concept of change and how to Anchor myself in the midst of a storm. This video was a part of a project I am involved in called Kin Women:

Please send in your video’s for the capture project, I cant wait to listen to your story.

All my love

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I’m sure you have this all figured out, but for me the whole living healthy scenario is a constant pressure. I will start off well, then stumble at the first sight of cake.

So far I haven’t stumbled, but I know the day is coming and so I have accountability in place when my emotions take over control and I want to throw my goals out the window.

I am increasingly realising the slower my life’s pace is becoming, in pursuit of happiness and success I have relied on some unhealthy coping mechanisms to sustain that lifestyle.

It creeps up on you.

I am grateful, super grateful for this time of reflection that I have set apart, because I am realising that I have many ways that I coped that need to be changed.

How about you?

A main problem I have encountered is where I place my self worth. In whom and what I rely upon to nurture and anchor my soul.

I am realising that food has become a comfort in times of stress and uncertainty. I have always known this is one of my weaknesses, but I want to change this coping strategy and I want to live beyond its crutch.

I want to see food as a source, not a reward.

I want to nurture my weary heart with other good things, rather than an abundance of sugar.

So the 10 week challenge is pushing a lot of my buttons, but I am so grateful that I have a husband who listens, challenges and nurtures my heart to live beyond this.

How about you?

How do you nurture yourself?

I am learning.

In fact I feel in this season of my life that I am a baby all over again. So much to learn, so much to let go of.

Love that we are never to old to start again and change.

All my love



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discipline vlog

10 week







Today is day 2 of our 10 week challenge and I have put together a video blog with an overview of the project.

I hope this inspires others to set boundaries and ways to achieve the goals you desire.

Don’t forget to send in your capture project video’s, I cant wait to hear your story.

So here is my latest Vlog. Its all about discipline.

Speak soon


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10 week challenge

Well we are back and I am full of energy and ideas for a fresh new season.

Autumn is upon us and my husband and I have started a 10 week challenge together.

*Eating Clean

*Exercise Daily

*Reflect Daily

We are eating clean. This means meat, vegetables, fruit, water and a spattering of coffee on the side and that’s it.

We have decided to do this for 10 weeks.

Also we are going to exercise every day, our aim is 60 mins a day. This is not as achiveable with a 1 year old and work commitments, but we are aiming for some sort of excercise daily.

And lastly we are going to take time everyday to reflect. Whether this is prayer, whether it is journalling, whether it is a decent conversation about road blocks and ways we are struggling with the challenge.

We have one cheat day in the 10 weeks and that is Easter sunday.

Other than that our challenge has begun.

I am going to do 1o Vlogs along with this, along the 10 week challenge and also I will keep on editing and uploading #thecaptureproject

I have also got some exciting news for capture upcoming also, but I will take some time to launch these exciting opportunities properly.

Thanks so much for all your support.

Join us in the 10 week challenge if you want to.

Speak soon