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little by little

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I sat listening to one of the brave people I have been creatively retreating with a major moment of revelation about one of my goals appeared.

The penny dropped, rolled across the cafe and said ‘Ta da!’

One of my big goals this years is to loose my baby weight.

As much as it is vulnerable for me to write it here, for you all to read, judge, comment and give me advice, it is one of my main goals this year and I am determined to make it a lifestyle choice rather than a big diet or unattainable routine.

Back to the story.

I pulled out my calculator and then I put in the amount of weight I want to loose and then divided it by 52 weeks and I was astounded, it was less than a half a kilo a week.

By breaking down my goal into bite sized pieces (excuse the pun), the goal straight away became so doable.

I felt empowered to say no to things, I would normally say yes to and so much less overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.

I know you might be saying, ‘That is super obvious’ but for me it was a moment of victory.

Have you shrugged your shoulders at reflecting on 2014 and setting goals for 2015, because you have failed in the past?

Me too.

Despite my failure, I believe taking time to ask yourself some good questions and setting a focus for the coming year is a worthy pursuit and has made such a difference in my life.

Little by little,

Baby step by baby step.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say whats your greatest dream?

The only way it ever happen is if you just start today.

Little by little.


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My imperfect life.



For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin—real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way. Something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. FR. ALFRED D’SOUZA

One of the key questions from my New Year Change Reflection questions is this;

‘What is a quote, scripture or word that sums up 2014?’

My quote that summed up 2014 was this…

broken crayons still colour.

I spent a lot of 2014 learning to be okay with imperfection. In the past I have been a someone who strives to please everyone. The funny thing was, the more I tried, the worse I got at it.

As the mother of a 2 year old and newborn, I have had to learn to be okay with mess. Somedays I feel like I am knee deep in nappies, vomit, spilled juice and food encrusted clothing. The idea of perfection and actually getting anything done is nearly impossible in the life of a novice Mum.

One of the funniest stories that ended 2014, was the last Tuesday before Christmas when I was on radio doing a phone interview and I invited my Dad to come and sit with my babes whilst I was on air.

My Dad is a typical Aussie retired sixty year old. My son is a typical creative, adventurous two year old. I finished my radio interview and came out expecting to see my toddler playing quietly and my newborn being snuggled softly by her Poppy. A perfect picture. A daydreamy image from a juggling, I can do it all Mother.

In reality post the interview, I walked into a war zone with my Dad sitting in the middle of the couch, smiling at me, shrugging his shoulders.

You see, my son found a large jar of tiny beads that I had been sewing onto T-shirts for some homemade Christmas presents. He was throwing them around and yelling out ‘Snow, snow, snow.’ My lounge room was covered in tiny seed beads and Maximus was dancing around reinterpreting a scene from ‘Frozen’ throwing snow around our small beach side shack. My new born was snoring softly as my dad held her. He was like ‘I’m not sure what to do?’

I just laughed and nearly 5 weeks later I am still finding little beads in every corner of our home.

An absolute mess.

A pure unadulterated memory.

A moment I will never forget.

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to live the life you have dreamed of living?

Are you waiting for the perfect circumstance to start doing something creative you have always longed to pursue?

Are you flying on the merry go round of emotions that tell you that you need to be perfect to try something revolutionary?

I am learning that there is no perfect time to write a book. There is no perfect time to launch a business. There is no perfect time for any of our dreams to begin. There will never be a perfect time, because we are always stuck in the transition between someday and somehow.

The only time you have to begin living the life you dream of living is now.

Give up that job.

Shift to that country.

Start that business.

Begin that blog.

Enrol in that course.

Say hello to that person.

Buy that house.

Sell that home.

Give away everything you don’t use.


Let go of…

Start in the midst of the imperfect timing and begin to dream again.

Life will always be a little complicated.

It is just how it is imperfect.

Just begin, despite it.


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Who has your back?


IMG_1301.JPGAs we finished our barbecue dinner on the 31st of December, 2014 we realised the last sunset of the year was setting and we rushed down to the beach to immerse ourselves in the moment.

There is something so special about the turning of a New Year. I know it is just another day, just another sunset but there is something enticing about leaving something behind and saying hello to something new.

As I stood at the post office today lodging a passport application I realised it was the first day I have had to officially write 2015.

Twenty fifteen.

Two zero one five.

What could this year bring?

What opportunities await around the corner?

Whenever I have thought about the New Year, the words New Days = New Ways have been in the foreground of my dreaming landscape. I have been truly enamoured with leaving behind some bad habits and finding ways to explore lands I have never been in before. Old ways won’t lead to new paths. I know that if I do what I have always done, I will get the same results.

One of the greatest opportunities in the midst of a New Year and reflecting on what changes could be instigated is also reflecting on who will walk beside me in the journey of these goals.

I have found that I never achieve substantial change in my everyday if I am not accountable to a group of people who will support me in my endeavour.

A gang as such.



People who have my back.

Over the last few days I have been sitting with people and hearing their dreams and desires for the coming year and one theme of reflection is in the area of people;


Partners in crime.

Comrades in battle.

Those who will walk with you in your darkest and celebrate with you in those days of great success.

Those who aren’t threatened by you.

Those who include you.

Those who ask the hard questions somedays and on others ignore your moments of weird.

People who love people. In their awkward, in their vague moments, in their mistakes and quirks.

This coming year, don’t just reflect on what you hope this year may bring but who will walk with you towards the journey of that goal. Take time to ask those closest to you to hold you accountable to your dreams and desires and give permission so that they ask the hard questions when you seem to have lost your way a little.

There are people who are willing to do life with you. Sometimes they just look a little different than what we expect a good friend to look like. Take time to write about who your community is this coming year and find ways to grow and nurture it.

You are responsible.

I am responsible.

Friendship is nurtured and cared for. It is grown and encouraged. It is precious and vulnerable. It is often filled with unmet expectations and disappointment but it is still a very worthy pursuit in the breadth and depth of our year.

Twenty Fifteen Own it.




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comfort is my enemy

Comfort is my arch nemesis.

We were friends when we were younger, when I needed safety and comfort to protect and nurture my growing personality. As an adult though comfort has become my enemy and he will do everything in his power to stop me from achieving that which I long for.

My need for comfort always battles with my desire for change. I’m addicted to his snare.

I have two goals for this coming year;

One: to loose my baby weight.

Two: to get my latest manuscript published.

The only thing that will stop me from achieving these things is my need for comfort. My addiction to my old friend.

Comfort says; ‘Stay on the couch with me, watch a movie.’

My goals say; ‘Go for a walk, turn the TV off, write, email, hustle, hustle.’

comfort 2Comfort says; ‘Stay in bed where it is warm, safe and predictable.

My goals say; ‘Get up early, start the day well, use any time you have to chip away at the mountain of tasks.’

Comfort says; ‘Just have a bowl of ice-cream it wont hurt… don’t email that publisher because they might think you’re harassing them.’

My goals say; ‘Make small wise choices, be bold and courageous, start living the life you have dreamed of living.’

This year I am waging war on comfort.


He is no longer welcome in my house.

Change will never occur if I am always seeking to stay in comforts zone.

What is your arch nemesis for change in 2015?

Speak soon


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finding space

spaceA new year beckons, a new season awaits and I find myself saying these words over and over, slightly confused because I know they are not an accurate reflection of what I am wanting to communicate.

‘I just never get any time to myself.’

In reality I do.

Why do I feel crowded in and unable to find space. Yes we live in a tiny apartment with four humans, yes we surround ourselves with people and lots of pretty things.

I seriously love my life!

In moments of frustration and exhaustion though, my wandering soul is seeking inspiration. I crave truth and perspective. I feel starved for fresh words and moments of awakening in the everydayness of novice motherhood.

In the early hours of this morning, as my little baby cried out for help somewhere between 3am and 4am, a big pile of clothes tumbled out of my cupboard and I felt my shoulders lift, exasperated.

I realised what the ‘time to myself’ thread is communicating.




I don’t want space from my husband or children.

I don’t want space from our visiting friends because I am unhappy.

I don’t even crave another wardrobe or storage container (as much as this would be amazing)

As a mum of two small children, as a writer, as a communicator, as a listener, as a friend, as a pursuer of truth, I need space to breathe.

I want space to think clearly, without interruptions to recalibrate the year.

The funny thing is, we often blame others for our lack of space.

‘Why won’t you give me space?’

‘My house is overflowing I need more space or maybe more storage?’

‘If I could just find more space in my calendar all my problems would disappear?’

I have found the space is available, but we are the ones who need to find it.

We are so often our own worst enemies in the dialogue of space. We fill our calendars, we buy more stuff, we say no when an offer to look after our kids is offered. We are the ones who block the road towards finding space.

We can’t keep blaming others for this lack of space, we need to clear a path for what we are looking for.

Wide open spaces are available, even when you are surrounded by family and friends.

Space is awaiting discovery, we just need to ask for what we are looking for and make it happen.

This new year season, I am clearing a few hours, to contemplate these questions so that I can walk into this new year with perspective.

Would you like to join me?

Click on the link and Download the questions, print them and take some time for yourself this January.

Let’s find some space together and make great decisions towards change in 2015.