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Make her laugh…



Today I wrote a new piece on “Make her laugh…it might just change everything”.

“Our hearts were not designed to be overwhelmed by a tide of words that pull down and tear apart.

Our souls were not created with a tenacity to overcome the bitterness and severity of opinions that are so freely shared.

We need to be determined in the nurture of the gentle parts of our inner world. We need to be intentional in the ways that we recover from seasons of intense sadness and conversations that tear us apart.

Words have power.

The power of life and death.”

Click here: Kinwomen to keep reading.

Happy May, lovelies…



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Rest. Can you? 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe irony of the season I find myself is this; Novice motherhood has taught me to rest. Ridiculous I know, but it is only by giving up so much that I have realised how out of control my stress and career was.

Sixty hour weeks, two and a half hours of heavy traffic in peak hour, always feeling like I was letting someone down, working the whole weekend. It is only now that I have come to realise how important rest is in the balance of a life sown generously.

You cannot give to someone out of what you have not sown in your life. If you are scraping the bottom of a deep well of energy stores, you are often robbing not only yourself of a quality of life but your family as well.

We all need at least one day of rest a week.

One day of no social media

One day of long walks interspersed with deep breaths.

We all need times of sleeping in.

Pyjama days.

Movie Marathons.

Rolling moments of rest and relaxation.

Maya Angelou, one of my favourite writers explains her need for this brilliantly…

Every person needs to take one day away.  A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.  Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence.  Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us. Maya Angelou

I find in my line of work that creatives need this more than anyone. You cannot produce out of something you have not grown in resting inspiration time. My current muse is knitting. I rest while my hands and head engage in something that is creative and meditative. I love that if I am knitting my phone is not in my hand and I am free from the head space that the internet steals from my inspiration tank.

For you it might be music, writing, playing on the piano, taking photos.

Eating with friends, meditation, sport.

What makes you feel most rested?

Maybe a 48 hr weekend once a month with no phone, internet going back to the basics with loved ones like our family easter farm trip. Maybe it is the beach. Maybe it is going for a run. Maybe it is extended times of sleep.

Whatever it is that you need, make sure you schedule it in to happen.

You cannot keep giving out of a place that has not been refilled regularly.

Rest, Can you?

It is a learnt skill. One that I am so grateful for this pause season in my life for.

A season where the corporate ladder and success has not taken over my life.

For the first time in a long time, I am in control of what I say yes and no to and it is seriously the freest place anyone could ever live in.

So grateful.



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photo-1423483641154-5411ec9c0ddfAs I lay on a massage table in a village in Eastern Bali, you could never imagine the thoughts that roamed my mind. Everything I could possibly need or want was in arms distance. A little boy, just shy of three and a baby girl sleeping soundly. A husband happy surfing and chatting with locals and my Mum on standby to look after our babies, so I could walk, write, swim or just be.

Despite all this my mind, roamed to dear and dark places.

I remember lying there, overwhelmed with gratitude, but at the same time plagued with memories. I kept on trying to shake my mind out of it. ‘Come on Amanda, think on things that are pure, honourable, life-giving. Think on scripture, think on the amazing miracles that have come to your world over the last three years, choose to rise above.’

The really crazy thing is though, it was like every massage I had over the few weeks we were in Indonesia, bought out memories that I thought were way in the past. It was like my muscles had memories of those emotions, the feelings of betrayal, the lostness of rediscovering who I was. My body held memories of rejection and it didn’t matter how hard I tried to forgive, it was like I had to let that deeper layer of the grief come to the surface.

There is a scripture I love and hate in the same breath…

No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

Every part of this scripture confronts my desperation in the midst of a trial or difficult season.

He is good to us.

Even when we don’t feel or see it.

He is good.

Rejection is a difficult emotion to hang a hat on. Shame, Forgiveness, Self pity and Loneliness all rumble together and try to come out of the other side still clean.

Whether someone, or a group of people have rejected us, when they have said we are not good enough, we can no longer be a part of, when we are ignored, shut down, discounted and dismissed. It is a cut that goes deeper than any wound and one that causes a scar on our soul.

The only way I have been able to face these seasons of rejection in my life, is to reform where I get my sense of self worth from. It causes me to go back to my foundations and realign my purpose and worth.

Have you ever given everything you have and felt rejected?

Have you ever creatively put yourself out on the line and the risk really failed to pull off?

The best thing you can do is allow those emotions and feelings to come forward. Find ways to process, talk it through with someone trusted, write, have a massage, walk the beach and scream into the ocean.

Find ways to face that rejection front on and realign your purpose once again.

Write reminders of the beautiful opportunities in your today and find a way to re- capture who you are.

Acknowledge the part to play you had in the story, but also allow the bitterness of the moment to be sweetened by the truth of who you really are.

Rejection is the most awful of emotions.

But don’t let it steal your future friend.

Hold your hands out dirty and full of promise, ask forgiveness and rediscover the jewels longing to be discovered in this vulnerable place.



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my locals



The more I settle into my beachside little village, the more I fall in love with its beauty, personalities and the perfection of the simple life it offers. When I bought a unit in a small group 1970’s Hawaiian beach flats, I never imagined that five short years later that I would call it home with my family of four.

I thought it would be a great holiday destination, when I came to visit periodically through the year. As I walk the beaches and stand in line at the shopping centre, memories of growing up, flood my consciousness nearly everyday.

I remember the lolly shop that was on the corner as I walk the beach. I walk past the little town hall that was the location of my amateur theatre company productions and remember how huge I thought it was and now it seems so tiny, so backward. I remember the forts and teepees we would build on the beach and the sand fights that would go on for days between my cousins and I.

Sometimes I feel like ‘Mrs Mangles’, as I walk the streets and notice the little things that make a community thrive. I love my locals. Our cafe, the bakery, the library, the parks, the Thai restaurant, the butcher, our little deli. My son does dancing at the yacht club every tuesday morning and we walk slowly watching the wildlife inhabit their island home.

My favourite local cafe called the pond barista, which has a completely gluten free menu has a little precious part of my heart. The owners are brilliant and the colour and life it brings to our local area is sublime.

These are the things that have made this ordinary tuesday, one that is full of life for this little Mumma. An interview on the radio this morning, walking down the beach to dance class with my toddler, bumping into a great friend and her dog at the coffee shop, filled with great conversation and even greater coffee.

Memories that make the ordinary beautiful.

A life lived intentionally supporting and encouraging our local businesses to thrive.

These now are the days that I will be making memories in my seaside town, that one day my babies will think back fondly upon.



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The power of your story


I’m not sure whether it is because we go away in a few days on holidays or whether there is some subconscious message but I am obsessed with all things coconut right now.

Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil…

Fresh, summery, health conscious and clean.

You may be the complete opposite to me and coconut makes you reel or even indifferent.

That is one of the key strengths of finding and knowing our own story. Your story, your preferences, your lessons learned, your weaknesses, your seasons of success, your moments of brokenness, all combine to bring your story into your today.

My coconut obsession is just a small and silly example but it is my story. Underneath that foreground fruit crush, is a heart that has battled an eating disorder, someone who has gained weight, lost it and then somehow found it again. Underlying that story is a little girl ballerina who was told she had the skills but just needed to loose weight.

Layer upon layer. Moments of beauty, moments brokenness, moments of victory.

My story.

What is your story?

What is in your today that is layered by opportunities and disappointments in your yesterday?

One of my greatest privileges of the last few years were the trips I took Thailand with groups of creative teachers to teach kids in the slum of Bangkok. These moments were so vivid because I saw first hand the power of creativity to bring healing and amazing sense of self esteem to those who have very little.

Creativity and insight combined together in a powerful way to impact their stories. Young men who prostituted at night time hung out with hip hop dancers who wanted nothing but to see them thrive and have fun. Young girls who were exposed to drugs and gambling at very young ages pulled out canvas’ and painted. They got given cameras and took photos, they discovered the beauty in the midst of the ashes of their stories through creativity.

One if the greatest ways that my story has found perspective and life is through creativity. I have taken the time to process my years of disappointment and seasons of addiction through writing, painting, sewing, crochet, singing, dance…

My life has been healed day in and day out by the power of creativity and a romance with the Creator of all.

How about you?

Where is your story at today?

Do you need recovery and insight?

Keep expressing your story and find new ways to discover beauty amoungst ashes through the power of the arts. Find a new language to communicate what has you stuck.

Creatively discover your story and express it.

I am sure insight will follow.