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Finding joy


I’m not sure whats happening to me, but all of a sudden I am finding joy in the very ordinary.

This adrenaline junkie has needed some time to come off my driven highway and I am really starting to like it.


The feel of the hot water on my hands and the bubbles as I wash the dishes.

The satisfaction of making my own presents for my friends.

Riding my bike to the post office and sending a letter, rather than the quick fix of facebook and insta craziness.

Meeting new friends at the playground as my son rips his shoes off and flings sand everywhere.

Cooking a roast.

Listening late night in bed to the ocean and the rain.

20130916-194052.jpgWatching my son attempt to play the guitar.

Making lunches for my husband so he can work overtime so we can holiday.

Calling my friends with no reason than just to check they are okay.

Dreaming about summer and new seasons and new days.

The seemingly ordinary moments, that we so often scoff at in pursuit of bigger lives.

Finding joy in the ordinary is just as important as stretching your capacity for those once in a life time/ dreams are made of moments.

When we find joy in the ordinary moments, somehow we find a wide open inspired place, that we never knew was available.

We are released.20130916-192156.jpg

It is not circumstance or possessions or status or titles that consume our thoughts.

It is shalom.

It is peace.





Till we meet again



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Ever learning

20130913-120217.jpgSome days I am overwhelmed at how little I know.

It was not until I had a little child, did I realise how much in our world is grey.

I threw myself into motherhood, thinking I knew so much…18 months later, it is motherhood that is teaching me so much about myself.

I am learning. Ever learning.

That in itself is a blessing.


To learn.

To grow.

To stretch.

The most unpleasant of circumstance, but the most rewarding of substance.

This week I joined Linkdin a crazy exercise in humility. Writing about myself and seemingly promoting myself to a whole new audience, is not something that comes easily. It opens up a new space of vulnerability and opportunity at the same time.

Reflecting on past experiences in the workforce, looking at my life on a page and then creating new networks.


On one hand, exciting to see what people I haven’t seen in a long time are doing, also really confronting about what my now is truly about.

I am being distilled.

I am finding truly what my purpose is.

First and foremost I am a mother, a wife, a family maker.

To find purpose in this most noble career, is a delight and a sacrifice in one.

One that finds me ever learning.

My little Max, got his first proper bike today and it made me realise something so profound. He won’t always be mine.

20130913-121801.jpgIn fact, he was never mine in the first place. He was God’s first. Before the earth was formed, God knew him, God created him, God designed his little nose, his munted shaped ear.

Ever Learning.

Those who don’t stop to reflect and process what they are ever learning, find an overwhelmed crowded heart appears and just don’t know what to do with it.

Take time dear friends, to process and acknowledge what you are ever learning.

Process. Define. Rest. Recover. Review. Communicate

Become a scholar at ever learning.

Life is a whisper

Listen carefully there is much to discover.

Mumma V