Fee’s, questions and speaker requirements

Amanda is available to speak at your upcoming event. These are the frequently asked questions about her presentations.

What is Amanda’s current bio?

Please don’t overplay the bio. She prefer’s a casual introduction.

If you’d like to introduce her here are some details…

Amanda Viviers (MAICD, BA arts, Master Arts in progress) can often be found with a pen in her hand, food spilt down her blouse and a fresh story in her heart. She is an Author, Public Speaker and Radio Presenter. Co-founder of Kinwomen a radio program and network for women. Co-founder of Change Your Story- events by design to help you understand your story. She is also the Executive Director of the creative team at Compassion Australia. Wife of Charl, Mum of Maximus and Liberty. She is passionate about helping you find your story.

Can we please have her current profile picture? email: info@amandaviviers.com

Will she bring any resources to sell?

She will need a product table and would love some help her sell products so that she can talk with your audience after the event. She can bring books and a gift range.

Amanda has been contracted by the following organisations for speaking engagements:

Examples of her speaking styles:

Horizon Church Sydney Australia

Riverview Church Western Australia

Speaking Engagement Video: this is available in MP4 format for you to use in advertising.

Workshop and Retreat Style Event:

Free resources for your event lead up:



Price Guide for Amanda’s speaking sessions:

Per session Not for Profit:

Audience Size

1-50 : $150

51-150 : $250

151- 300 : $350

Over 300 : price upon application

Per session For Profit Event:

Audience Size

1-50 : $300

51-150 : $400

151- 300 : $500

Over 300 : price upon application

Accomodation details and travel expenses:

A session is defined as any time up-to a 60minute presentation/facilitation on current Speaking Topics.

Requested specific subjects incur an additional preparation day – price to be negotiated.

If the event is located outside the Perth Metropolitan area – travel, accommodation and on-costs to be negotiated.