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Place: 130’s café 

Poison: Latte (PS they have a new coffee machine- NICE) 

Favourite Things: Still the Mont Blanc catalogue 

This poem speaks for itself, out of the Mont Blanc catalogue, which I picked up in Dubai from our hotel. 

‘Writing is an expression of individuality. 

Writing captures the thought with which we exercise influence, achieve success and express feelings. 

Writing is an expression of a society’s culture. 

Ancient cultures were passed down through handwriting. Written texts are the legacy of a society to its future generations. 

What you write with expresses your personality. 

Writing with a special instrument is a celebration of your own thoughts and denotes a unique personal writing culture.’ 

I am all for celebrating ‘a unique writing culture’. As much as I appreciate the technologies of our age, I think it is sad that handwriting is considered an ancient form of expression. 

Our handwriting does express individuality, and I believe whole-heartedly that journaling, hand writing letters and expressing directly from our hearts is something that you rob the next generation if it is not expressed. 

I also believe, when you hand write something it unlocks something in your heart, just as singing a song rather than just hearing it does something to our souls. 

Write dear friend, 

You never know what is awaiting expression. 

Yours Sincerely 


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Events girls..

events gals

08-11-06 048.jpg

Check out these spunks, post the bloke! This is my department. Let me introduce them to you.

Jen- (my little sis) Events Administrator

Me- (random)

Clare- Visual Arts Team Leader

Hayley- Weekend Service Coordinator

Simone- Event Coordinator

Lying on top- Danni- Hospitality Manager

Aren’t they beautiful!

I love em



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helmut inspiration…

Place: Home on my couch 

Poison: Diet Coke 

Favourite Things: Mont Blanc Catalogue 

Flicking through the latest Mont Blanc Catalogue, I have found quite a few quotes that I would love to write about over the next few days. 

First one- 

Helmut Hahn (not sure who this guy is, if anyone knows, make a comment) 

‘Creativity has to do more with the elimination of the inessential than inventing something new.’ 

Wow, that’s so profound. For a creative soul like mine, that is so baffling. How much of my life do I spend trying to muster up something new, a fresh idea? Yet Helmut believes its about eliminating the inessential rather than finding something new. 

How does this relate to me? I suppose new ideas and fresh approaches come when I clean out the distracting clutter that hides the sparkle of a different idea. 

My flat mate Elly is shifting out, (so sad, so sad- she is married in a couple of weeks) in the midst of that we are both eliminating the inessentials that we have both collected in the two years that we have lived together. 

However, as she packs and throws out, it is making space for new stuff that I need, but also gives me a fresh canvas to do some new things we my environment and the surrounds. 

This is relevant for all areas of our creativity. Get rid of the inessential and you never know what that dust may uncover. 

Much Love 


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suddenly 30!

Place: Tarts North Perth 

Poison: Water with fresh mint 

Favourite Things: thinking about my 30th Birthday 

I have been planning all day today for my upcoming milestone of my 30th birthday. Being an event coordinator, I don’t want to be one of those people whose skills are only expressed throughout work hours.  E.g. School Teacher whose kids never do homework, Plumber whose bathroom leaks, A Chef who eats take-out! Even though my job is event management I want my birthday weekend to be creative, fresh, celebratory, quirky and filled with my favourite things. The problem is every funky idea that I come up with keeps going pear shaped. I am putting more effort and thought into this weekend than anything that I am doing at the moment. 

Many random ideas have been floated but none of them have flown!

In the midst of brainstorming though I wrote a list of my favourite things to help me with the 30th birthday celebrations. Here it is:  

Favourite things: My Family esp. Jackson, vanilla candles, sheet music, flowers, body butter, the green tea cup club, coffee, milk’d café, friends, long walks on the beach, cooking, charlotte and molly, cabbage patch kids (not really they make me laugh), white wine, 130’s cafe, travel, aeroplanes, my travel journal, thinking about travel, oriental lillies, avocado, pumpkin soup, writing, antique shops, my granma, knitting, my dad’s harley, my piano, licorice, chicken salad, mango, walking, parasols, hot water bottles, chai, auckland, ikea, theatre, el rancho relaxo, long lazy breakfasts, christmas day lunch, spring blossoms, aqua blue, magazines, slippers, old books, the bible, the church, praying, finding out something new, meeting old friends, painting, life, architecture, wisdom!

Favourite things, make me smile.