Reset: personal retreat daybook (PRINTED VERSION)


A personal retreat daybook with reflection questions to help you process the year that has passed and reset.

A series of questions designed to help you reflect and dream again. Amanda Viviers is an author, speaker and radio presenter and she has used this process personally and with clients for over a decade.


This book also comes with a video creative retreat package, linked in the invoice once purchased.

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(Limited Release Printed Version only available in Australia)

reset; personal retreat daybook.

Are you wanting to reset and begin again?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

RESET is designed to help you write, reflect and find your intentions for the year. You take a couple of hours, sit with the little 3 min videos that help you walk through the booklet and take a personal retreat.

Reset: personal retreat daybook is a sister project to help you come alongside your goals for 2019 and help you to take a personal retreat, to reflect and realign again.

STOP wishing you had more focus and begin to find your own perspective.

STOP waiting for someone else to write your tomorrow and start to do it for yourself.

STOP feeling frustrated by all the distractions and eliminate that which is taking you away from your greater goal.

2019 is not finished yet!

Take the time, to listen to the video’s that Amanda has created to walk you through the seven creative exercises to help you reset to find clarity.


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