One on One Mentoring with Amanda

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Are you stuck and need a friendly voice to help you find perspective?

This ongoing mentoring support is for you.

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Amanda Viviers can be found with a pen in her hand, food spilt down her blouse and a fresh story in her heart.

After your initial mentoring session, regular on-going sessions are an amazing way to find accountability and productivity.

She is the author of nine books, her most recent DEAR CREATIVE SELF, Public Speaker and Co-founder of Kinwomen, a radio program that starts conversations with women that matter. She is the Founder of “The Boardroom Retreat” an online platform designed to help leaders grow in emotional resilience and capacity. She runs regular retreats with Clinical Psychologist Anne Galambosi for leaders helping them articulate and find the power in their own story.

She gets many emails a week asking questions about mentoring. She wants to help you with ongoing support.

She loves interacting and chatting with people through written communication. She comes alive however when she spends time coaching others face to face in the lessons that she has learnt.

She has written a comprehensive and regularly updated tool to help you with the steps to writing and publishing a book; “Somebody Needs Your Story”.

Are you ready to write a book this year?

Are you a creative industry leader that needs mentoring, accountability and encouragement?

Are you a leader in your field that needs a voice of wisdom as a sounding board?


  • ONE HOUR MENTORING SESSION in person or via zoom
  • Somebody Needs Your Story PDF
  • How to Tell a Great Story PDF
  • Access to her massive range of resources for writers, including the write hard workshop, her new workshop releasing to tell your story through social media, e-copies of all her books, tools for book proposals, resources for the pros and cons of self-publishing and accountability for actually getting your book done.






After publishing 9 books personally and contributing to over fifteen published works including traditionally published, self-published, co-published works and freelance writing for magazines and copywriting for Brand Agencies, her on the ground knowledge of the industry is current and broad. She is an activator by nature and thrives on encouraging people.

Whether you have some notes on napkins or a book published and you want a personalised session to help you market, this coaching session is for you, your business and your voice.

This is a professional development and is tax-deductible for some countries.

Somebody needs your story.

With Creative Love



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