write hard workshop: 14th Sept


On Saturday the 14th of September, Amanda Viviers will be running a series of workshops to encourage writers, social media managers and those wanting to grow more in communicating their story.


Time: 11.30am

Where: Kent Street Deli, Event Space, Rockingham.

Book your place today so you don’t miss out. 20 places only.

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“Write hard and clear about what hurts” Ernest Hemmingway

Time: 11.30am

Cost: $39

What to bring: notebook, pen or a laptop

Where: 1 Kent Street, Rockingham


This course was created for writers, online business entrepreneurs and for those who want to write for recreation.

In this two hour session with Amanda, she will cover these topics;

  1. The messages we send ourselves; reframing the messages we send ourselves about writing. We all get a little stuck in the area of how we think about our writing. This session Amanda helps you reframe the psychology of writing, to help you grow in confidence no matter where your writing takes you.
  2. I’m stuck creative meditation; a quick tool to help you get unstuck when you sit in front of a blank page.
  3. Five stages of a great story; A framework to help you tell a great story. Whether you are writing an email for your subscribers, presenting a talk from onstage or writing a blog, social media post or a non-fiction manuscript. Amanda has created a 5 step scaffold to help you grow in your story-telling.
  4. Q & A about self-publishing

Included: two downloadable PDF ebooks, “The framework of a good story” and “Create” a magazine with writing prompts. A free online creative meditation to help you when you get stuck.

DAY PROGRAM: 14th September

8.30am- Shut Up and Write

11.30pm- Write Hard workshop

1.30pm- The Power of Pinterest for Writers

FRIDAY 13th September

10am- RESET: finding focus in a distracted world.



Amanda can often be found with a pen in her hand, food spilt down her blouse and a fresh story in her heart.

She is an Author, Public Speaker and Radio Presenter. Her online course for writers is called WRITE HARD and is ready to activate you in becoming a better writer today.

She is the author of seven books, the most recent “Pause: New Year Vision Daybook”. Embracing Slow: A journey of unhurried grace.

Co-founder of “The Boardroom Retreat” an online platform designed to help leaders grow in capacity. Her latest online course Emotional Roadblocks: Anger and Insecurity.

She is a presenter on radio across New Zealand and Australia and is the co-founder of kinwomen; a network created to inspire women. Wife of Charl and Mum of Maximus and Liberty. She lives a creative life, helping people find their voice.


“Amanda’s got a knack for cutting to the chase and simplifying the message so that it’s easy to grasp. This makes it clear as to exactly how you should apply what she teaches, and makes this resource perfectly practical.

You’ve saved me hours of time that I would have spent researching and learning about how to improve in this area. Thank you.” Nicola, an E-commerce shop owner

“Write Hard. Amanda’s course for writers offers decades of wisdom distilled into jewels of wisdom. Each session builds effortlessly on each other, but what I liked most about the experience was the holistic approach the course took. If writing was as easy as just following a process than all of us would just write effortlessly. What the Write Hard course offers are the understanding and tools we need to work through our own “hard” stuff. By leaning into the hard parts of our story we are able to find the flow that was being blocked. I highly recommend the Write Hard course to anyone who is ready to get real with their own writing and start the journey of embracing their own voice.” Diana Henderson, business owner, photographer and authentic brand consultant.


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