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the creative posse

imageThe greatest challenge in my change of season has been getting my head around who my creative posse is.

After working for over a decade with a group of people, who took massive risks together, created large and failed extravagantly, its a massive change in dynamic. I mostly work by myself and the with groups of people that I will be with for a small amount of time inputting creative direction, thoughts or moments, but its not an ongoing opportunity with the same group of people.

Discovering a team of people who I can create large with and trust with the vulnerability of the creative process is a huge journey.

That is what I miss most about being in a part of a team who work towards a common goal. Often its not until you loose something that you realise its value.

I’m naturally a people person and I really enjoy throwing ideas around and living a communal life of creativity.

In the charts of a personality type I land very close to the middle of introvert and extrovert.

(insert here this song; cracks me up! For those who watched X factor last year)

I’m not extreme in the extrovert graph scales, I like time to process and when my house is quiet and I walk the tiles by myself and something peaceful settles on top of me. It’s actually something sacred. The quiet, the space, the moment of reflection arrives.

I can’t stay in that place to long though. The walls start to crowd, the noises start to creak and I want to talk to someone, anyone or anything…

Yesterday I did a creative workshop with a group of radio presenters and one of my discussion points in the workshop was ‘Who is your creative posse?’

A posse, is a group of like minded people who have your back. A group that is travelling in the same direction, yet not the same, just a group that celebrates strengths, forgives weaknesses, doesn’t steal others ideas, takes time to honour each other and listen.

A group that travels the sacred path of creativity safely, knowing that the creative process is a vulnerable one.

People who have your back.

People who you don’t have to tread lightly over massive egos.

People who bring out the best in you, not your worst.

People who are loving and kind.

These kind of friends, or posse don’t come along everyday and often you don’t realise how special the posse is until they have disbanded.

How can you create a posse?

How can you keep a posse together?

How can you create well with other people?

I have found in my experiences, the thing that kills a posse quickest is arrogance and pride.

When people access creativity with humility, acknowledging that WE is more important than ME, something very unique occurs.

Humility doesn’t mean shrinking back though in the presentation of ones ideas, thoughts, or creative endeavours. It just means we hold our ideas lighter and realise that as we sharpen the reflection of the ideas as a team, we can bring something so much more solid, than the one perspective that you bring alone.

Nothing of value in the history of the world has been built by one person. It is always built by a posse of people working together for the greater good.

If you see someone who looks successful, famous or inspirational, there is always someone in the background who has sacrificed for that person to excel.


A mother.

A father.

A stylist.

A producer.

A teacher.

A husband.

A wife.

A child.

There is always a posse.

It’s just whether we value the input the posse brings or not.

Value and appreciate your posse today and if you don’t have one, humble yourself and begin to build.


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be the change

We live in a period of history, where truly you can come up with an idea and then find the resources and capacity to pull it off.

The internet and social media has enabled us to create our dreams at a fraction of the price it used to cost to innovate previously.

I often meet creative people who are passionate about change. They catch the heart of vision to make a difference in our world, but live far from the dreams and desires they feel burning in their hearts.

Have you had an idea that you are stuck where to from here?

Do you feel deeply about issues, that you want to make a step forward and create change?

Well I wrote a book just for you.


It is a 30 day journey, that starts from Perth, Western Australia and travels to Bangkok, Thailand. A 30 day inspiration guide, that combines thoughts about creativity, poverty and innovation.

I wrote this book ‘capture 30days desperate for change’ hoping to release some people from the fear that stops them from realising their dreams.

The best part of this story is that it is free.

I kept the price down, by designing it super simply, a downloadable PDF book, that you can open up on your ipad, e-reader, computer or phone and start to do the journey together.

You could even print it and write into the workbook. If you do, take some photos and share with one another on here or my instagram or facebook.

Download today and write into me.

I would love to hear what inspires you towards change.


Capture Life with me


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imageI was flying solo a couple of weeks ago to Sydney and I dug out a journal that I always used to write with, every time I flew.

It was a ritual.

I was on an aeroplane so often by myself that it became my high altitude muse.

As I leafed through these seasonal writings, it made me smile how many themes rolled from one year to another, but also how many themes fitted the exact season I was in.

I waited for my small, overcooked meal to come down the aisle and I lifted the journal to replace my tray and out tumbled some napkin drawings that made me smile.


Each beginning of the year as I travelled, I wrote on a single napkin, the one word I was to focus on in that year and brainstormed its output.

It was simple but it was revolutionary.

napkin series

This act distilled what I wanted to focus on in a creative way.

I have started a little napkin series and am encouraging you to do the same.

1) Find a cafe, restaurant, secret cubby house or a moment.

2) Find a nakin.

3) Find a sharpie.

4) Write one word that is necessary to focus on for this season.

5) Idea storm it.

6) hashtag #napkinseries for accountability.

A simple thought but profound one, if we actually do something with it.

Till we meet again.

Mumma V.

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Finding my place

photoIt wasn’t until I had a toddler that I realised how important ‘placement’ was in my creative internal vortex.

I place things on my desk with finesse, I drop things on my bookshelf with purpose, to a shallow glance it looks a little messy, it looks a little crazy, but to my internal Dewey Decibel system it is just right.

My son has the most beautiful nature, but he is a fiddler. Everything he touches is fiddled with. I am sure he is bursting with innovation because he finds anything he can to feel, to explore and to replace in his own way.

Two weeks ago I turned on the washing machine to hear a regular knock, that isn’t a part of its usual rhythm and after digging the water logged inhabitants, I found my brand new smart televisions water logged remote control.

It wasn’t until max started to press my placement control buttons that I realised how important place was in my creative routine.

I rearrange my desk.

I play with my notes on my side table.

I light candles.

I make coffee.

I muse with placement until my idea is ready to be birthed.

How about you?

Do you feel out of place?

Is finding a place and creating a place, an important part of your creative expression.

booksThis new season for me has taken so long to settle, because of this one marker. Place.

I didn’t realise how much team, how much the people I collaborated with, the location of my workspace, the routines, the deeply enriched rituals, how much they enabled my creativity and innovation through place.

Slowly I am finding my new place.

And I kinda like it.

How about you?

Do you need to find your place?

Do you need to find your fit?

Explore this today.


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getting stuff done

This week I have had a few conversations with creatives about task management and effective planning. (I have probably lost half of you already)

Most people I know (who are overtly creative) struggle with time management, especially those who are creative entrepreneurs who work full time or mummy 24/7.

It is so funny, in this season when people ask me what I do, I tell them ‘I’m a stay at home mum and more?’. It is always said with a smirk and a smile.

The reality is, I have all the time in the world but it is broken into small segments. Between toilet training, climbing practice, toy smashing and food championship throwing, I am running a business, a key leader in a women’s network, on the board of a creative enterprise, always writing a new book in my mind, big sister, speaker, collaborator, husband cheerleader, head chef and consultant in creativity.

I need tools for time management. I mostly use my emails to set my task lists but as my consulting business grows and more networks are created, this is not working for my new season.

I recently read an article about a time management technique called ‘POMODORO’. It was designed in the 1980’s by a man called Francesco Cirillo. You can read more about this technique here: Pomodoro Technique

It is actually quite simple and I have found it lately really effective.

Here is my modern mummy take on it:

1) Turn your phone onto silent or flight mode

2) write a list of what needs to be accomplished: tool one

3) Set your timer 25 mins (a kitchen timer, your iPhone or download an pomodoro app)

4) Close down all social media applications or windows or apps.

5) Close down your email. (mum’s put your children to bed, close the door and turn your music up.)

6) Start your timer and start task one.

7) After 25 mins, have a 5 min break. Go get a coffee, a glass of water, chat to a friend, flick onto a website/ social media something for 5 MINS ONLY!!!

8) Go to task two. Start 25 min timer again.

9) repeat 7 & 8 two more times.

The Pomodoro Technique from Pomodoro Master on Vimeo.

You will be so surprised at how much you can get done in two hours. If you work in an office setting. Block out two hours in your diary and do this process and you will be astounded at how fresh your work space will be and what you will achieve.

I have made a downloadable task managment sheet here: get stuff done

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.13.01 AM

This will also help you define what you need to do in a couple of hours.

Honestly I spend so much time mucking around, to be more effective and to bring my best to the opportunities in front of me is such a good thing.

Hope this helps.

Comment below on how you go here.

Till we meet again