Speaking Topics

Will Amanda be a speaker at my next event?

Below you will find the current workshops and speaking sessions available for presentation for professional or personal development at your next event. To find out about prices, expectations and speaking requirements all these questions are answered here.

Embracing Slow.

There is a busy epidemic in our society. Social Media, the hustle movement and comparison trick us into believing that busyness equals success. Have you ever wondered what it was like to embrace slow? Has your heart been leaning towards the simple and being present? In this speaking session, Amanda will help you go on a journey of slowing, being more present and breathing with simplicity. She will take you through practical tools to help you with stress and anxiety. To find ways to explore your voice and story to find strength and courage.

Insecurity- Finding Courage and Confidence. 

Insecurity can be debilitating as a woman in business or leadership. Through Amanda’s own experience in finding her voice, she explores the steps in her own story to help you with the emotional roadblock of insecurity. Exploring your own journey of where you find courage and strength. Exploring your story of communication and confidence. This workshop gives you some tools and questions to help you find courage and confidence.

RESET: Goal setting and finding focus in a world of distraction. 

Do you struggle to find the time to achieve what is required of you at work? Are you looking for ways to reset and find focus again? In this simple one hour session, Local Author Amanda Viviers takes you through a workbook that gives you simple questions and reflections to help you find goals and focus. We all need a reset often. Time to turn everything off and begin again. Finding a fresh perspective to help bring back motivation and vision.

PAUSE: A session about self-care and reframing your why.

At the end of the last fifteen years, Amanda Viviers has asked herself a series of questions that have radically changed her life. This workshop takes you through her series of questions that bring self-care and clarity to the forefront. Pause; New Year Vision Daybook is a creative collection of journaling exercises and writing to help you take a personal retreat day. She will bring great stories and a place of peace into your workplace as she works through this amazing content.

Public Speaking- finding your story and communicating it clearly. Local Author Amanda Viviers regularly runs workshops and speaks on Radio and Platforms every week. Is Public Speaking one of your greatest fears? Would you like to run a workshop, but not know how to begin? Do video and social media make you squirm? Amanda Viviers has been public speaking for over twenty years. With some simple tips on preparation, stage techniques and facilitated discussion on how to create a speaking session that engages your audience. With workshop tools to help you discover your story and explain your story. She has been running retreats, workshops and events for more than 15 years and she would like to help you launch your own.

Writing, Blogging and Publishing Your Book. Amanda Viviers has published four books, with two current manuscripts with publishers. She has also been blogging for over ten years. She often mentors writers and answers questions on how to take your next step. She is passionate about helping women find their voice. Chat with bloggers and writers, who are just having a go like you. Writing Exercises, Your Brand, the Why and How of presenting a more defined brand to find your audience for your writing. Finding Your Voice, tips to write confidently on social media, App’s, the top apps to help you refine your audience and write with more ease.