My name is Amanda (not Mandy), and I am an ambivert.

I love people, but I get overwhelmed by lots of them all at once. I come alive in small groups, especially around creative souls who want to be honest, laugh and speak over the top of one another. I published my first book, Capture 30 Days of Inspiration, over 20 years ago; somehow, another fourteen books have followed. I dream of gathering women in circles to find insight from their stories. Women’s voices have been oppressed for far too long, and injustice makes me deeply sad. I live in Perth, Western Australia, with my husband and two children, a wild cat whom we aptly named Freedom (before knowing her outrageous indignation for cheap cat food and the weather). If you like perfect grammar, now is your time to bow out, as I will frustrate you to no end.

You are invited to gather in Bali this August.

Applications open Bali 16-19 August 2024

Acknowledgement of Country
I acknowledge that I write and tell stories on Whadjuk Boodjar of the Noongar nation and I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which I create. The Binjareb* and Whadjuk*, Nyoongar* were the first storytellers on this land. I pay my respects to their elders and ancestors who have handed on the stories and culture from generation to generation.  Australia is home to more than 260 different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities each with its own distinctive art and cultural practices. No matter where you are travelling, you will find opportunities to immerse yourself in the distinct art and culture of that region. I acknowledge that the tradition of rich story-telling and art is continuing and alive on this land. I acknowledge that I live on the ground from the boundary of the Whadjuk and Binjareb Nyoongar people’s territories. 

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