Dear Creative Self (Paperback)

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Dear Creative Self is a book written for those who want to change their relationship with creativity. It gives you tools, creative dates, letters and insights for innovation, by articulating seven important spheres of the creative process.

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Dear Creative Self is a book written for those who want to change their relationship with creativity. It gives you tools, creative dates, letters and insights for innovation, by articulating seven important spheres of the creative process.

Amanda’s faith journey takes you all over the world with stories of her co-creation with God. She believes that as you grow in your understanding of spirituality and the power of creativity you will find your voice. The way we speak to ourselves about creativity matters and this book helps set up a scaffold that holds space for growth and self-expression.

Grab a cup of tea and a pen; you will want to dive deep into her story and come away inspired to create again.

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Amanda Viviers:

Amanda Viviers can often be found with a pen in her hand, food spilt down her blouse and a fresh story in her heart. She is the author of nine books, public speaker and co-founder of Kinwomen, a radio program that encourages women. She was on the leadership team at Riverview Church, for over a decade and she now loves to serve in her local church Hillsong, Perth. She has been speaking and leading in churches for over 20 years and loves to help women find their voice. Wife of Charl, Mum of Maximus and Liberty she lives a creative life, helping people find their voice. 


“Amanda writes to unleash her readers from the ties of their inner critic and to introduce them to their true and brave selves. You will be transformed by this book in the best way possible.”

Dr Rebecca Ray

Author, Clinical Psychologist and Speaker

“Amanda’s creative mind, entrepreneurship and energy are infectious and inspiring and helps instil a culture of ‘can-do’ and ‘anything is possible’. Her positive energy and enthusiasm calls individuals and teams to new ways of thinking and innovating. She is relentlessly inspirational.”

Penny Webb

Co-founder of Kinwomen, CEO, Author and Speaker

“This is not a how-to book; it’s a me-too book.”

Elaine Fraser

Author, Speaker and Writing Mentor

This book will not only inspire you to activate your creativity but will challenge the limits that you may or may not know that you narrate over your life. These pages are honest and can help anyone discover more about their deeper levels of creativity. If any person completely indulges themselves and commits to mulling over each “sphere of the creative process”, you will not only discover fruit but your creative potential.

Matt Myers

Creative Pastor, Hillsong Perth

Amanda has a beautiful way of drawing authenticity out of others and sharing her vulnerability with grace and courage. Reading her work is like sitting with a dear friend and talking over coffee. You come away feeling challenged and empowered.

Lizzy Milani

Writer, Speaker and Co-founder The Practice Co

4 reviews for Dear Creative Self (Paperback)

  1. Heather-Jayne Battye (verified owner)

    Amanda writes in such a way that you feel like you are actually having a cuppa with her in a comfy couch while musing over all the creative things of the world. As a creative I understand the mind-battle that can outplay in our heads and the doubt that can paralyse is but this book is so encouraging, giving us all permission to be our creative selves right where we are at. To engage with that part of ourselves and develop it more within community. Thankyou Amanda for this book!

  2. Aly Cahill

    Thank you for the space and encouragement to explore our creativity! This age of ‘instant gratification’ can be seen to rob us of our creative spaces but Amanda has given us yet another tool to let go, take a breath and trust in our creative selves. Thanks Amanda!

  3. Tori Faryna

    Amanda’s approach to creativity and writing helps unlock the brave in me. To really connect with the uniqueness of how God created ME and being ok with that without comparison. Its like she is with you cheering you on to discover the most beautiful parts of yourself. For that I am thankful. The journey helps me to be and continue to become the most beautiful version of me and that blesses not only me but those I love as well. ??

  4. Linda Pesavento (verified owner)

    Whether you identify as a ‘creative’ or not, this book contains insights, encouragement and tools that will help release your authentic voice and give expression to your unique story. Amanda truly gets it; she is honest, empowering and wise. This is not a book of theories or advice. It is a guidebook from someone who has, and continues to, walk out the journey of creativity with courage and vulnerability.

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