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Dear Creative Self is a book written for those who want to change their relationship with creativity. It gives you tools, creative dates, letters and insights for innovation, by articulating seven important spheres of the creative process.

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Dear Creative Self is a book written for those who want to change their relationship with creativity. It gives you tools, creative dates, letters and insights for innovation, by articulating seven important spheres of the creative process.

Amanda’s faith journey takes you all over the world with stories of her co-creation with God. She believes that as you grow in your understanding of spirituality and the power of creativity you will find your voice. The way we speak to ourselves about creativity matters and this book helps set up a scaffold that holds space for growth and self-expression.

Grab a cup of tea and a pen; you will want to dive deep into her story and come away inspired to create again.



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Amanda Viviers:

Amanda Viviers can often be found with a pen in her hand, food spilt down her blouse and a fresh story in her heart. She is the author of nine books, public speaker and co-founder of Kinwomen, a radio program that encourages women. She was on the leadership team at Riverview Church, for over a decade and she now loves to serve in her local church Hillsong, Perth. She has been speaking and leading in churches for over 20 years and loves to help women find their voice. Wife of Charl, Mum of Maximus and Liberty she lives a creative life, helping people find their voice. 


“Amanda writes to unleash her readers from the ties of their inner critic and to introduce them to their true and brave selves. You will be transformed by this book in the best way possible.”

Dr Rebecca Ray

Author, Clinical Psychologist and Speaker

“Amanda’s creative mind, entrepreneurship and energy are infectious and inspiring and helps instil a culture of ‘can-do’ and ‘anything is possible’. Her positive energy and enthusiasm calls individuals and teams to new ways of thinking and innovating. She is relentlessly inspirational.”

Penny Webb

Co-founder of Kinwomen, CEO, Author and Speaker

“This is not a how-to book; it’s a me-too book.”

Elaine Fraser

Author, Speaker and Writing Mentor

Amanda has a beautiful way of drawing authenticity out of others and sharing her vulnerability with grace and courage. Reading her work is like sitting with a dear friend and talking over coffee. You come away feeling challenged and empowered.

Lizzy Milani

Writer, Speaker and Co-founder The Practice Co

14 reviews for Dear Creative Self (Paperback)

  1. Heather-Jayne Battye (verified owner)

    Amanda writes in such a way that you feel like you are actually having a cuppa with her in a comfy couch while musing over all the creative things of the world. As a creative I understand the mind-battle that can outplay in our heads and the doubt that can paralyse is but this book is so encouraging, giving us all permission to be our creative selves right where we are at. To engage with that part of ourselves and develop it more within community. Thankyou Amanda for this book!

  2. Aly Cahill

    Thank you for the space and encouragement to explore our creativity! This age of ‘instant gratification’ can be seen to rob us of our creative spaces but Amanda has given us yet another tool to let go, take a breath and trust in our creative selves. Thanks Amanda!

  3. Tori Faryna

    Amanda’s approach to creativity and writing helps unlock the brave in me. To really connect with the uniqueness of how God created ME and being ok with that without comparison. Its like she is with you cheering you on to discover the most beautiful parts of yourself. For that I am thankful. The journey helps me to be and continue to become the most beautiful version of me and that blesses not only me but those I love as well. ??

  4. Linda Pesavento (verified owner)

    Whether you identify as a ‘creative’ or not, this book contains insights, encouragement and tools that will help release your authentic voice and give expression to your unique story. Amanda truly gets it; she is honest, empowering and wise. This is not a book of theories or advice. It is a guidebook from someone who has, and continues to, walk out the journey of creativity with courage and vulnerability.

  5. Helen Carr

    This book is the exit from the hustle highway I’ve been stuck on for so many years! From the very first page, I knew this book was so very different to any other creative book I’d read. Amanda is so real, and gets to the very heart of the book’s intention with a gentle but firm leading, perhaps out of our comfort zones at times. It’s a return to creativity as a beautiful part of my being, something to be nurtured and cared for, given space to breathe and come to life in its fulness. Thank you Amanda, for sharing so honestly, and helping me to enjoy and embrace my creativity once again.

  6. Brittany Seaton (verified owner)

    When I set a creative date with Amanda Viviers’ Dear Creative Self, little did I know that I would not be able to put it down until I read all 131 pages and 35000 words. Amanda’s words resonated with both the creative and non-creative parts of me, as a girl with chronic illness and as a girl who writes about it. Utilising a combination of memoirs, letters of reflection, and creative application, Amanda builds a framework for personal growth, discovery, and self-expression through creativity. Her words are both insightful and encouraging, inspiring and challenging you to find your voice within your very own story;
    “every creative idea begins somewhere”
    from the everyday seemingly mundane moments, to the triumphs and hardships we all face.

    Have a journal, pen, and a warm cuppa at the ready as you allow yourself sit in the silence, away from the noise of technology and the world, embracing slow, and embracing the words written on the pages as you would a warm hug from a friend. It is time to set yourself a creative date with Dear Creative Self.

  7. Sally Hewitt

    Having read other books by Amanda Viviers, I had great anticipation around reading Dear Creative Self. This book exceeded my anticipation of it. Amanda’s lyrical text and profound wisdom is an absolute joy to absorb. It has stimulated my own sense of creativity, which I believe is what Amanda wants to do with her wonderful ‘Creative Dates’. The stories of her life that she shares illustrate the value that she places on all our stories and reflect her desire to draw them from us. To write the letter of our individual lives. Thank you Amanda for a deeply moving and inspirational book.

  8. Melissa Shanhun.

    Amanda’s letters are just what I need to hear. To let some things go, to pick some things up, to listen, to share and to be. I always enjoy taking practical steps, so I love the Creative Date ideas. So many times when I clear space in my calendar, I just kind of sit with my journal and wonder what’s next. I will be using these Creative Date ideas.

    This book is a breath of fresh air for my creative soul.

  9. Sarah

    Dear Creative Self reads like a conversation with a dear friend. It takes you to a place where you feel safe to consider the reality of your present and your true hopes for the future whilst offering some categories to explore in the journey towards the best and most authentic version of you.

  10. Molly

    Amada’s words set my heart free. No longer am I held captive by toxic patterns, thoughts, and narratives. I now choose to live unoffended, light and free. I’m not picking up the backpack of bitterness anymore. I’m laying it down. I’ve inclined my ear to a new narrative one that assumes the best, one that surrenders, let’s go and forgives, in order to reinvent, heal, unpack and recalibrate.

  11. Danielle Campbell

    Sitting down to read “Dear Creative Self” is like sitting down with a trusted friend; one who knows you, accepts you as you are and gives you permission to be yourself. As Amanda shares her wisdom on the different Spheres of Creative Process, she shares her heart and her experience of living a creative life. The letters at the end of each section and the creative dates help to drive home that this book is not only full of wisdom but also has a practical element – encouraging the reader to not just read the book but to embrace the content and put it in practise. I know this is one book that I will return to many times to refresh my understanding as I grow in the creative process.

  12. Heidi (verified owner)

    I was drawn to Amanda’s book as I feel I have lost my creativity over the years due to difficulties with mental health.Dear Creative Self is helping me to see that creativity is still a part of who I am; it just looks a little different now. Thanks for the encouragement, Amanda.

  13. Melissa Brereton

    I am a busy mom who didn’t think I had time to read this book. I was so wrong! I have carved out time to devour this book because it is so relevant to my world. I have started journaling and I have learned a lot about myself, thanks to the encouragement from Amanda. I feel like I know Amanda, even though we are half a world apart. I would recommend this book to anyone but especially to people who are in full seasons of life. Amanda is really good at encouraging the reader to slow down and reflect.

  14. Phoebe

    I had popped my own ‘creative self’ up on the shelf to get dusty because it ‘just wasn’t the right time in life to be creative. But thanks to your book Amanda, and the revelations of God’s heart, my eyes have been opened to realise that it’ll never be the ‘right time’ or a ‘good time’ unless I make it!! Thank God you overcame what you have, to encourage and uplift others. Bless you, as you continue to.

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