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Amanda found herself thirty and single looking for inspiration that was free from cliche.Paperback copy. (Free Shipping Australia Only) International orders here: Amazon

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“Dear Single Self” by Amanda Viviers is available $24.95 AU including postage in Australia.


Paperback copy. (Free Shipping Australia Only) International orders here: Amazon

Amanda Viviers found herself thirty and single, surrounded by wedding invites and baby showers. Overwhelmed by cliche and formula, she went on a journey of discovery looking for real answers.

In the midst of this exploration, she realised so much about herself and the opportunity of singlehood. She asked a group of friends what they would tell their former single self and this experiment proved life-changing.

This group of women, from Perth Western Australia to Canada, America, England and beyond, set about writing letters to their former single selves. The letters were full of inspiration, courage, and hope.

Amanda decided to curate these letters to form this book, as well as thirty short stories from her own single journey. She filled the pages with short dares as well, to help the reader to get out of their everyday routine and to hopefully find a new perspective on singleness.

Are you tired of the same old, same old advice regarding relationships?

Are you looking for a unique inspiration in this area of your life?

This book could possibly be the starting point of a new adventure, looking for perspective, light, and love.

$24.95 includes postage worldwide.


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9 reviews for Dear Single Self (Paperback)

  1. Amanda Viviers

    Amanda Viviers – formerly Amanda Powell. I met this lady when she was a single, young, vibrant, creative, fast, relentless, passionate-about-supporting-people superwoman, with no potential partner in sight. My thoughts in those early years were – there wasn’t much room in her days anyway, and the pickings were slim because there would be few who could run fast enough to catch her!

    I loved this young woman immediately and was privileged to become a slightly older friend, confidant and mentor. What I discovered in this friendship was her desire to find a great guy who would be just as passionate about life and people as she was, could compliment her well, was kind, and would sing her ‘life’s song and calling’ back to her in times when she felt stuck, in-between and had forgotten some of the melody.

    This was her desire but I can tell you there were many times in those many, many years of her being single, and not wanting to be alone for yet another Christmas, that revealed the vulnerability of her humanness.

    This is our humanness; to be connected, to be accepted, to love and be loved. However, we must remember that having a partner does not necessarily fill the void of loneliness. Our communities are full of lonely people, some living on their own and others living in a full house but who are desperately lonely because there is no love and no real connection.

    Amanda wasn’t lonely but she was single, and didn’t want to be.

    The biggest value I believe myself and some other slightly older friends, like Kelley, Rose and Sarah, brought to her single years was that we loved her, were good listeners, calming, gave a few ‘tips and tricks’ (couldn’t help ourselves) but importantly we had the perspective of life and experienced partnerships. We were her mentor-friends. We knew that building a healthy life and partnership begins with a healthy you, and that it was critical to keep sure and pure to who you are but prepared that mutual compromises will come, and most importantly that even finding a great partner doesn’t solve and heal all of our own personal insecurities.

    Mentor-friendships with a few who are that little bit further down the track, have the ability to provide the strength, cheering up and skills for that hand-up when you are down and doubting your dreams, are priceless friendships.

    Allow Amanda and the words on these pages to encourage, bring knowledge and provide strength for your days.

    Penny Webb
    Amanda’s Friend!

  2. Amanda Viviers

    This book feels like the circle of older sisters I never had. Amanda has curated wise and witty voices to contribute stories of challenge, excitement and hope. It has strengthened and empowered me, as a single woman, to rejoice in exactly who and where I am.
    Anna McGahan, Actress

  3. Amanda Viviers

    Everyone knows Amanda is inspiring. That leaps off the page. Those
    who have heard her know she’s a brilliant communicator. But here’s what I love most about Amanda: she loves well. And that impresses me more that anything else in life. People who love, especially those considered “least”, well.
    Jarrad Mckenna, Hand Model and Underwater Basket Weaver

  4. Amanda Viviers

    This is a refreshingly original piece of reading that is much a reflection of the author; geared towards seeing others living out their life journeys with an encouraged revelation of self, hopeful, full of wisdom and perspective. This book is a creative adventure. A true blessing
    Jo-Anne Hodges, Writer

  5. Amanda Viviers

    The women of this book invited me warmly into the weird, exuberant, collective dance that is womanhood and, partnerless, I joined in. Their exhortations were so liberating that I spontaneously went out and got myself a daring new haircut. It was bad – I looked like a poodle – but
    I was free.
    Alyshia Byrne, Writer

  6. Amanda Viviers

    Amanda’s writing has a way of tapping into the un-chartered areas of your heart and soul – engaging with those deeper, unsurfaced desires and questions that we so rarely give time and space for, in our rushed and productivity-driven lives.
    This book shines light on such an important part of a woman’s life, that is not given enough space to be heard or understood.
    She sets the pace for a new-normal and a counter-approach to messages society sends single women. A very worthy read for any single woman.
    Lauren Hack, Interior Designer

  7. Amanda Viviers

    Amanda has a beautiful way of drawing authenticity out of others, and sharing her vulnerability with grace and courage. Reading her work is like sitting with a dear friend and talking over coffee. You come away feeling challenged and empowered.
    Lizzy Milani, Writer, Speaker and Co- owner of Pocket Fuel

  8. Amanda Viviers

    Dear Single Self” is more than a book for our ‘single’ selves. These letters could easily be addressed to our anxious selves, our perfectionist selves and our ‘convinced-we’re not enough selves’. In a world of voices telling
    us to strive harder, Amanda and friends whisper to those of us in our 20’s, through stunning vulnerability and beautiful bravery, that just maybe it is all going to be ok.
    Beth Bracegirdle, Writer, Journalist and Activist

  9. Carol

    The little black book ever girl (regardless of age) needs. It is teaching me to embrace the raw, crazy and some would say weird me that I thought I needed to hide to fit in. I am finally accepting to love me in my truth.
    Thanks Amanda and all the ladies that have written those beautifully crafted and so very honest letters. They are making a huge difference ?.

    • Amanda Viviers

      Oh Gosh Thankyou so much for your review and also for embracing your weird. May you find every bit of happiness that you are looking for. May peace surpass understanding and may you discover your voice anew.

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