Awake: Live in Your New Story (Paperback)


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Do you ever feel like something is missing?

Is the story of your life leaving you wanting more?

You possess a significant story.

Every one of us is a walking catalogue of helpful and unhelpful narratives. We can be so deep in these archives that it’s hard to unravel the yarns of old. We promise ourselves that something will change but year after year we walk the same, familiar path.

It’s natural for us to believe old stories because they were told to us by the people that matter. At some point in time, we have agreed with these stories about us and made them our own. Stories of validation empower us. Stories of disapproval create wounds that may never completely heal. But what if, instead of attacking ourselves for living in myths we didn’t create, we could catch, contain, and transform these erroneous tales.?In this way we can relieve future generations from walking in our old story.

Clinical Psychologist, Anne and Author and Radio Presenter, Amanda will empower you to change your ingrained stories. Open up to a deeper connection with yourself by exploring four essential keys to becoming the person you want to be: Identity, Beauty, Authority and Self-Compassion. There is power in the insight gained from understanding your own path.

It’s time to wake up and live in your new story.

‘Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, break out in song!’ 

Judges 5: 12 (NIV) 



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