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Green Tea lovin versus Green Tea CUP lovin

Place: Kym’s office 

Poison: Diet Coke 

Favourite Things: Kym Rolle and Polly on the phone 

Well, in the aftermath of Capture, many people have made comments about the green tea cup club! They are an amazing group of girls that has grown since the book was published. It’s grown by one, miss Sara, Red rooster advert pin up girl Polanski! 

Anyway- many people have given me gifts of green tea, also a favourite cafe owner told us very confidently that he has acquired a fresh new batch of green tea just for us! Ouch, we don’t drink green tea, we just have green tea cups! Semantics you say, no way its more than semantics we are passionate coffee drinkers. 

Coffee. I am very passionate about great coffee. Write to me your favourite cafes.

Here are my Perth top five: 

1) Milkd- North Perth  2) Harvest- North Freo  3) Sunsets- Rockingham  4) Cafe 130’s- Leederville (although it currently has barista issues!!) 

5) Atomic- South Perth (soon to be open, however our favourite barista from 130’s is there)