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suddenly 30!

Place: Tarts North Perth 

Poison: Water with fresh mint 

Favourite Things: thinking about my 30th Birthday 

I have been planning all day today for my upcoming milestone of my 30th birthday. Being an event coordinator, I don’t want to be one of those people whose skills are only expressed throughout work hours.  E.g. School Teacher whose kids never do homework, Plumber whose bathroom leaks, A Chef who eats take-out! Even though my job is event management I want my birthday weekend to be creative, fresh, celebratory, quirky and filled with my favourite things. The problem is every funky idea that I come up with keeps going pear shaped. I am putting more effort and thought into this weekend than anything that I am doing at the moment. 

Many random ideas have been floated but none of them have flown!

In the midst of brainstorming though I wrote a list of my favourite things to help me with the 30th birthday celebrations. Here it is:  

Favourite things: My Family esp. Jackson, vanilla candles, sheet music, flowers, body butter, the green tea cup club, coffee, milk’d café, friends, long walks on the beach, cooking, charlotte and molly, cabbage patch kids (not really they make me laugh), white wine, 130’s cafe, travel, aeroplanes, my travel journal, thinking about travel, oriental lillies, avocado, pumpkin soup, writing, antique shops, my granma, knitting, my dad’s harley, my piano, licorice, chicken salad, mango, walking, parasols, hot water bottles, chai, auckland, ikea, theatre, el rancho relaxo, long lazy breakfasts, christmas day lunch, spring blossoms, aqua blue, magazines, slippers, old books, the bible, the church, praying, finding out something new, meeting old friends, painting, life, architecture, wisdom!

Favourite things, make me smile.


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