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Events girls..

events gals

08-11-06 048.jpg

Check out these spunks, post the bloke! This is my department. Let me introduce them to you.

Jen- (my little sis) Events Administrator

Me- (random)

Clare- Visual Arts Team Leader

Hayley- Weekend Service Coordinator

Simone- Event Coordinator

Lying on top- Danni- Hospitality Manager

Aren’t they beautiful!

I love em



3 thoughts on “Events girls..

  1. JP, you are such a treasure. I always love it when I get to spend time with you. I am so priveledged to know you and just love you!!

    Love Tracells

  2. I realise ‘privileged’ is spelt wrong. I just wanted to make sure everyone is on the ball!

    Love Tracells

  3. couldn’t agree more…what beautiful women!!

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