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chopping wood

Place: My Bedroom 

Poison: Water 

Favourite Thing: this room! 

Well the Mont Blanc catalogue gives us one more quote, which is from the pen of Sir Albert Einstein. Its great! 

‘Chopping wood is so popular because it is an activity in which you see the results immediately’ 


How much do we as humans struggle with delayed gratification? How often do we stop creating, because it is tedious and time consuming? 

I am so guilty of this. Ask my mum. Sewing, I throw away the patterns and just cut it, how I think it should go. Cooking, no measurements lets just throw it all together. Pottery, can’t we bring it out of the kiln yet? Marriage, seriously are there any men out there? 

I think the best things in life do take time and patience. With our creativity, yes chopping wood may be satisfactory because the results are so immediate, however what about the patience it takes to carve a statue out of wood, whittling down a massive trunk to be a unique and foreboding work of art. 

What areas of creativity do you need to develop patience in? 

Mine? Most! 

Ahhhhhh, the pleasure and the pain of creativity. 



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