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NYE 06

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: New Belt, $4 from the op shop!!

I realised this morning that it is now less than 4 weeks till Christmas, and even more exciting close to 4 weeks till New Years Eve.

I am a huge fan of the New Years Resolutions. For those who have read my book I talk about them a lot in there. Not the popular ones like; giving up smoking, excercising more, spending more time with my family etc etc (except I really should give up smoking!! not really!)

I take the last day of the year to reflect over the year that has passed and I ask myself the following questions…

What is the Character of my life?

What is the Contribution of my life to this world?

What is the Consuming passion of my life?

Then I look at my life statement, and see if the last year has reflected my statement.

I look at the list of things I want to do before I go to heaven and see what has been achieved from that list in the last year.

I write down the verse of scripture that has marked me in the previous year and pray for a new one for the coming year.

I write down a quote that has really summed up the year, and then have a little ritual.

Its a powerful time for me, a time of really assesing where my life is at, reading my journals and seeing what really has taken my thoughtlifes attention, what has taken up my time and what adjustments do I need to make. Yeah I do make New Years Resolutions but they are never really in point form.

This year on New Years I am hoping to start a new tradition and am holding a ‘Under the Tuscan Sun- type’ of dinner party. in my backyard at a long table with great food, great wine and great companions. The green tea cup club are well known for their dinner parties and I want to bring this tradition into New Years this year.

I was at home with the new Donna Hay magazine, thinking about the menu and I got inspired to take a photograph and make that photograph the invite to the party.

So its outside, with candles, a long table, great funky eclectic chairs, wine, cheese, probably a roast something or I might even try to make a huge outdoor Paella, friends, flowers, more candles, toasts, resolutions, reflections, chocolate, Bailey’s Irish cream and one slow, drawn out celebration to life and love!!

Can’t wait…

Here’s the photo for the invite. I am going to print them out as photo’s (which colour do you like the best?)








3 thoughts on “NYE 06

  1. Go the first one…vibrant orangey/red. Always a vibrant party colour! I’m a total fan of re-assessing my year gone by…I actually get excited by it!

  2. I like the 3rd one – it says Tuscany to me with the reds and greens of the fields!!! Thanks for the NYE tips. I am also someone who likes to assess where I am at but your way is really cool. Hope to see you and Elly soon.

  3. can’t wait to see you as well Tam. hope you and scott are well…

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