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Atlas: locate yourself…

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: my ipod with new podcasts on it!

One innocent Saturday, whilst waltzing through my favourite street in Perth: oxford street, I wandered unsuspectingly into one of my favourite clothing shops to discover that it had been transformed. Through the night, working at all hours uncommon the owners of Atlas Clothing in Leederville have uncovered one of my new, favourite places in Perth. It opened on Saturday morning and is sure to become a favourite to the design/ clothing /cafe set…

They have opened a small but vibing cafe at the back of the shop, to provide a woman with all her needs in one shop. Clothes, belts, handbags, tea, coffee, cupcakes and beautiful lounges all in one!

The design, the vibe, the coffee served in funky tea cups, the old fridge with water and glasses, the outside garden tea party setting complete with HUGE garden gnomes…

The tea spoons on the wall remind me of my nanna’s lounge room, the big grandfather chairs complete me with their pink velvet folds, the jeans hanging in the background, the fun staff, the vibe.

Love it, check it out!

Locate yourself there.

Atlas, oxford street, Leederville.


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  1. oh no, the secret’s out! we will now be found! :p lovin the pics amp xx

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