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windsor castle, the country juxtaposed with the OC!

Place: Riverview OC

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Our new found friends at Riverview OC!

Sorry about the lack of information in the last few days, due to a lack of internet connection out in the country in london.


(a grave from the 1700’s)


(this church was on the farm I was staying at!, literally a stones throw!)

I have has the most amazing few days, including a long flight from london to Los Angeles…We have ventured through the country of London, out to a place called Church Farm and I was spellbound.


 (the hayshed)

Look at these photos. It was freezing, I was covered in dirt but my soul was nourished. There is something so grounding to be somewhere where decades upon centuries of people have trodden on the same ground.


The room I slept in was built in the 1100’s, which is hard for my 20th century brain to fumble with. We had soup cooked from a real fire stove, camebert cheese from Paris and chablis from france. I loved it.

We visited Windsor Castle, which was so amazing. The artwork, the finery, the history, the church where Charles and Camilla recently were married in. I loved the changing of the guards and the audio tour around the castle and explaining its history was lovely.



We arrived in the OC yesterday, driving through the highway system and driving on the left hand side of the road was a whole new experience.

So its heaps of new experiences for this aussie kangeroo!

From the 1100’s and the land of shakespeare, to the land of everything large and consumer city!



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