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black and white versus grey!

Place: My Office

Poison: Red Frogs

Favourite Things: Cocunut Mango Candles (my favourite things!)

Just had a conversation re: life being black and white, versus grey! Our office and organisation is going through the roof right now, and with much growth, and with much expansion comes a lot of grey!

Org charts that once worked, now faulter, communication systems that were great for a smaller staff/ organisation etc now are irrelevant. Life as you know it changes and what was black and white turns grey.

So as a creative person in the midst of change, what do you do to maintain a sense of direction and a clarity of purpose? My thought for today is to keep asking questions.


Questions are the sign of a great leader, a great friend, a great creative. Someone who doesn’t ignore the grey, but tries to colour it slightly with a new shade of white or black and bring it into some semblance of clarity!

Life not black and white, but is different shades of grey…Great questions bring clarity into the black and white colours, bringing a semblance of direction.

Small and simple thought…
But it was today’s


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