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blues and roots festival

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: The events department (amazing women of strength)


On the weekend just gone I ventured out to freo and went to a weekend of music, big crowds, great friends, lots of strange smelling stuff floating accross the crowds and of course my ipod favourites.

John Mayer was by far my favourite, followed just behind by Missy Higgins. Then we had John Butler, the groovy sounds of The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd prooved he’s the man with the most instruments and the oldest but by far the coolest Bo Diddley made the youngin’s in the crowd feel very stale, compared to his groove.

An amazing weekend of music and this genre is totally my fav. Well done to Sunset events who put on an awesome event.

Loved it!

Brought the Tshirt, spent the cash, was totally worth it!


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