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Place: Qantas Club Adelaide

Poison: Pumpkin soup

Favourite Things: 75% off boots at Myer! Yes girls can you believe it I brought two pairs….75% off! no way…yes way…on an already discounted price.


My favourite Things has never gone this long.

Now it has…. ahhh 75% off, that’s criminal.

Anyway back to my post.


Walt Disney, for those who have read my book, Walt Disney was actually one of the hero’s in my first draft of Capture, but somehow, someway he got removed. Mostly from fear of copyright laws. But this morning I was in Adelaide for our ‘Building business leaders breakfast’ on the topic of disney and I was reminded of his hero status in this creative pigrims walk.

And it was amazing. The speaker Phil Baker, (as much as he’s my boss!) was exceptional and the presentation was the coolest of its like I have ever seen.

Leadership lessons from Walt Disney are not hard to conjure up, as the man in one life lived extraordinarily large.

From his attitude towards excellence, to his attention to detail, to his huge vision, to his pathfinding passion. Disney was a machine and creatively left his splash on the world, for my generation and for many to come.

It got me thinking particularily about living beyond the now, in the creative realm and what is it that you and I have on the inside of us? What creativity is awaiting exploration that can leave a mark on a generation.

I wholeheartedly believe that every person has the potential for creativity, every person has a creative gene, because we were created in the image of the ultimate creator.

What ideas are awaiting disneyification? What life changing light bulb is awaiting the perfect switch on, that could affect a generation.

Open your mind to the impossible, dream large and lifelike, bring a fresh splash of paint to your corridoor of the globe…The world so desperately needs uncommon innovators, men and women of purpose who declare bold creativity.

Disneyfied excitement


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