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sir edmund hilary

Place: the bathroom

Poison: nothing

Favourite Things: hotel rooms and trying not to wake people up…

Today I watched the state funeral of sr edmund hilary and I was completely spellbound. Maybe its because I am in kiwiland and it was the national anthem that drew me to my hotel television set, or maybe it was this hunger for purpose in my life that stopped me in my tracks to recieve from someone great.

His funeral from start to finish was breathtaking. The way people spoke of him, particuraly the Shirpa’s from Nepal who spoke about the public grief that was being expressed in Nepal right now challenged me to the core.

What will people say about me at my funeral? What truly is the essence and greatness of my lifes work? What challenge am I overcoming today, that will make someone elses tomorrow brighter.

These were the questions that were so easily answered about Sr Edmunds life.

The way he lived his life as a father, friend, adventurer, lover, philanthropist, humble kiwi. Who lived his life in the same shack he built decades ago, despite the honour, awards, books, films, knighthood and the public honour he was bestowed throughout his life.

Inspiration for me is something that captures and holds my attention…Today my attention was more than captured, it was enthralled by the life of an ordinary individual, that lived an extraordinary life.



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