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Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Sprite

Favourite Things: Kym rolle is back in Australia

We are getting ready for a big easter weekend here at work. With a promenade theatre piece where the crowd walk through a dramatisation of the crucifixtion of Christ, then a creative program about the open door of Grace, leading into a huge outdoor movie event where we are watching a movie called ‘Evan Almighty!’

So its going to be a huge weekend of lots of fun and celebrations.

Post Easter however I am flying to a place called Wiluna.

I am going to spend a couple of days and going out to hang at some Aborginal settlements.


I am so excited about visiting this part of the great west but mostly I am stirred about the indigenous people of our land, and the way that history has done them a raw deal.

I am sure to have many photos and stories sometime soon, but my heart is leaping at the privelege of going.

If you are in Perth, I am collecting easter eggs to take up to the children.

These are the same children that we gave christmas presents just recently!




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