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what is community?

Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: my refound favourite mug…whoever had it in the office, I found it in the staff kitchen and was enraptured!!


Over the weekend, my pastor, our leader of Riverview church spoke a message that was so fresh, so vunerable, so real!

Check it out on here… (if you want)

It is all about community and the vulnerability of it.

Phil spoke about his weaknesses and it gave us all permission to be ourselves.

The weakness of community is you and me.

The reason why community often fails is because of you and me.

When we are frustrated with community its often because of you and me.

The weakness in all of our lives, makes community so hard to deepen and widen and lengthen (sorry about the bad grammer!)

My weakness, might be your strength. Your weakness might be mine.

Therefore the strength of community is where we meet each others needs.

Our society has become so independent. What happened to the local neighbourhood becoming your baby sitters…What happened to your neighbours caring about whether your home or not…What happened to the welcome to the neighbourhood cups of tea and scones…

What happened to it? you and me.



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