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be our guest.

Place:Masters class

Poison: Mandarin

Favorite Things: Blue horse necklace

I am more than excited. I have friends arriving from all over Australia ready for Tim and Beks wedding on thursday.

Being able to find places for people to sleep, chucking out stuff from my room to create a clean slate, arranging dinner parties, finishing off birthday presents, is all the good stuff that creates the pleasure and pain of guests coming to stay. (an amazing site)

I found the most fabulous book last week at my local library and its called ‘Occasions’ by Kate Spade. The book is a series of three.

There were fantastic suggestions and opportunities described in this book to make occasions less painful.

Suggestions such as;

Flowers create atmosphere no matter what type.

A simple fresh towel, with a soap, creates a welcoming environment.

A warm and hearty bowl of soup on New Year’s Day.

A Christmas tree decked with vintage holiday ornaments hand-picked from flea markets or your favorite antique stores.


Sometimes its just a little thing, that excites and changes your expectations of be my guest!



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