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sr monica

Place: West End Deli

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite Things: my iphone of course. I am obsessed!!!

We have spent the afternoon in the chemotherapy with the most amazing woman. Sr monica spent her youth as a teacher, she actually taught my mum and her twin in geraldton.

Then she spent 30years in Thailand serving the poor and teaching english to students. She is the most generous woman, who at the moment is battling a crazy cancer that has attached itself to her liver.

Every friday from now as she sits in subiaco, at the chemo centre and we are going to hang out. She is going to teach me thai, in preparation for my upcoming trip to Thailand.

I am so blessed to know her, I will never forget the morning in Thailand two years ago when she made me get up very early and walk to mass. It was so delightful. 5 am walking along a thai road, watching the buddist monks walk their early morning blessing walk.

As we walked along this road, I was reminded of the simplicity of life and the importance of space and meditation.

She is such a delight what a privilege to have fridays with monnie!

Much love


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