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A change is as good as a holiday

Place: maurice mead hairdresser

Poison: flat white

Favourite things: julie who has paid for my hair to be done!

Well I haven’t been looking after myself very well lately and as I sit here in a hair dressing salon I am reminded about the little things that make such a difference for a woman!

My fab friend bonnie has done my hair for years and I love it but I have been paid to go to a upmarket salon and have the works!

And the coffee, the magazines, the attention, is good medicine to this battle weary soldier.

I had a car accident this week and had things stolen from my house, close friends families have had tragic deaths and my nearest and dearest friends have had tough times.

So as I settle into a new season I’m ready for a radical hair cut, I shifted into a new house yesterday and am ready to draw a line in the sand about a few things.

It’s amazing that something as little as a hair cut has the capacity to change the boundaries in all different realms…


What’s your change that is near, one decision away?

Gotta go and get my head massaged.



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