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the community of khlong toey

Place: The community centre

Posion: sticky rice and chicken

Favourite Things: the thai people

Yes I am still writing, but it is not easy to express what my heart and world is experiencing right now. I am emersed in the community of the khlong toey slum, and even though this is my third time here, I am not sure I will go home the same.

I am doing everything I can not to judge, not to make quick decisions, as I have no comprehension of the culture and the people. We can be so quick to judge, with no understanding.

We should be moved to compassion, without casting judgement.

The community, the smell of the sewer, the love of the families, the poverty of the poorest of the poor, combines to scar ones heart forever.

I am surrounded by the most amazing people.





never want to leave


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