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holidays and a time to reflect

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: Bon Iver

I have been staying away from writing in a time of holidays, rest and reflection. I recieved some feedback and also wanted to really work out why I was writing.

I am not keen on filling cyber space with words that truly do nothing than waste time and money. I didnt want to write again until I really had something to say.

I am not sure if I truly do, but a quote in a book that I am studying at the moment really challenged me, so I thought I would share.

Its random, true to my form, but if your reading this, then I am thinking you might be still with me…

‘How things taste is one of the most difficult of things to put into words…’

There is something that I have tasted, that is so difficult to put into words. So often I feel like my attempt to express creativity or inspiration is so limited by the ability to express the inexpressable.

How do you paint a picture of something that is Inconceivable?

A longing, a heartfelt cry to utter something that will convey the taste of the goodness that I have tasted.

Our world is so full of pain and suffering. To hear of a child dying in the slum that we were in last October of starvation, the fire ravaged northern parts of Victoria and the friends who are one by one loosing their jobs.

Contrasted with the hug from my niece as she finds me in the midst of a picnic, as we sit together and share a stick of sherbert. The simplicity of a hot summer wind as we watch an outdoor movie together.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Sounds so cliche in the midst of such crazy times.

The paradox and the inability to express it.