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Place: train

Poison: water

Favourite things: magazines

What a seachange of a few days. I am in my new apartment and I wake at the crack of dawn ready for my coffee and walk on the beach and I am positively in love!

The lonely fishermen, the old grannies swimming in the morning freshness, the friends swapping tales as they walk in step with each other, the starfish as large as a plate just waiting to be thrown back in.

The beach is not my first stop inspiration factory, but I am unlearning the art of hibernation and reveling in the great outdoors.

My skin feels cleaner, my perspective more astute, my legs must be getting thinner, what more could a woman ask for.

Find a seachange this christmas season, if you usually find inspiration inside get out, if the woods inspire you run to the city, if a book captures your heart sit at a piano. There is nothing like a seachange to bring life, perspective and insight in abundance!!


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