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Church in a nightclub

Place: il Cielo

Poison: Long Black with milk on the side

Favourite Things: Letting my hair go wild…

Got up this morning on an unsuspecting Sunday morning, a little excited at the potential of adventure as we were going to visit a Church this morning in a downtown nightclub at the heart of Kuta, Bali.

As soon as we were welcomed at the front door, walked into the pumping music and had a chat with some locals, we felt like we were home.

The music was pumping and we heard the amazing story of how this church began and inspiration began to arise in my weary heart.

The message was on imagination and dreaming bigger dreams. Living a life beyond the one you find yourself in today.

Inspiration arose, encouragement was nurtured and we both walked away feeling so glad we had taken the chance.

Generations Bali, we’ll be back with more friends in tow…



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