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Look over the wall

Place: The Febris hotel

Poison: instant coffee (desperate I know)

Favourite Things: hanging in the pool with my nieces

As I went for my daily walk this morning, something struck me….there were very high walls, keeping the wealthy in their delicately designed hotels, whilst the poor hung out right next door, the same post code on the beach.

Poverty in this day and age is not excusable. Most overpriced, underused, sea side abodes here on Kuta Beach are full of staff who are waiting for one person to come along and interrupt their boredom.

I have just been reading Newsweek magazine and one of the authors wrote ‘Living standards in medieval England were far better than some modern day countries’

The amount I spend on coffee a week is how much my local cleaner would earn in a month. It confounds me how many people are so ignorant of the poor, but continue to barter over 10,000 rupees (just over a dollar) on their fake hang bag that was made by a child in a factory in China.

This is a challenge to everyone, me included. Look over your hotel wall….Your perspective on the country your invading will change drastically.


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